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  1. So some Big Huge Company keeps sending us warnings threatening legal action. They claim that our company registered a domain name with their name in it. Not only that, but they accuse us of stealing copyrighted imagery and illegal usage of the names of some of their products and services blah blah blah. Of course, this is all true. Now why, do you ask, are we hosting a website that has the name of another company featuring the products and services of said company?

    Simple. Because they are paying us to do it.

    Except nobody told their legal department. Now, you have to understand that there's probably some OTHER technology firm out there somewhere whose job it is to search the interwebs for instances of their clients' names and alert them to any unauthorized usage.

    So you have Company A reporting to Department B and Company C reporting to Department D. This is all fine and good until Departments B & D fail to communicate, which I imagine is often.

    Big Business works!

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    2. spank



    3. Danarchy


      This is like that time Stan Lee sued his own company.

    4. geo


      My sister started up a company. Lets call it GD.

      One of her partners broke off and started his company GD.

      My sister's GD was around for 3 years before her partner's GD. They both have the exact same name, they both do the exact same thing.

      Her partner's GD is suing my sister's GD for having the name GD.


      My company bought out a company. We raided the company and closed it :-)

      Two years later, a company with the same name started up. Did the same thing as the previous company with the same name.

      Turns out it was a double cross, the owner that sold us the company restarted the same company on the grounds that we closed the company, so he was free to start it again.