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  1. I'm trying to use this new PC:

    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz
    nForce 650i Ultra chipset
    4Gb DDR2-800 RAM
    GeForce 7800GT
    150Gb HDD

    It's crashing more often the more I use it. I don't think I'm even putting that much of a load on it. I'm usually doing things like drawing in Photoshop or loading a music stream. I installed nTune but I can't use the System Monitor because it crashes immediately for some reason. I just restarted and went into the BIOS to see that the processor is running at 75 degrees Celsius with the fan on. I really only use Athlon CPUs so I don't know if Intels naturally run hot but that seems a little high.

    If that's the problem, what can I do about it? Will nTune allow me to underclock the CPU so it doesn't crash so much?

    EDIT: Now that I have a more reliable system monitoring tool, I see that it's hovering around 85 degrees. After doing some reading I found that 90 is dangerous and could damage the chip. Would lowering the voltage help? I could do that in the BIOS...

    1. Bloodshedder


      Check the interface between the heatsink and the CPU, make sure it is tight, that the fan is running, and that there is sufficient thermal paste there.

    2. Bucket


      Looks like that did it. Reseated the heatsink/fan and added a fresh dab of thermal grease. The CPU is running about 20 degrees cooler, the fan is no longer working overtime, and the core jumped from 1600MHz to 2400MHz, as it should be.

      Insteresting how much heat the RAM gives off. I think they're overclocked because they have heat spreaders.

    3. SYS


      Some RAM include the spreaders built in. If it's been OC then lower the voltage and timings to OEM spec so they don't cook.