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  1. Two things I've learned to hate in the past months: paper-thin walls and domestic issues.

    The lady is black and the guy is a wigger, so of course I get to hear about how "YOU GOT TA STAND UP AND BE A MAN." Somebody's going to get choked to death over there one day, and I hope it's not the dog.

    OK, the dog too.

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      I used to live beneath these fuckwits who would have loud parties at 1am during uni holidays. All the neighbours complained to the building manager but the apartment was privately owned so they couldn't be evicted. When it got to the point where I could hear them over my headphones, I went up and kicked on their door until one of them opened it. You could see the weed smoke rolling out and they were all baked as. I'm kinda imposing when I'm angry so I just said "Music. Off. Now." and stalked away to hear their paranoid apologies bouncing off my back. Problem solved.

      I now live across from these moronic students who seem to equate "homosexuality" with "prancing around in your underwear squealing at each other after midnight". We recently had some music battles one afternoon - Abigail Williams vs Britney Spears. Whilst the black metal band from Arizona and I won, I feel this rivalry is only just beginning.

      I'm also pretty sure my neighbour downstairs actually doesn't stop smoking, just lights one off the butt of the other from waking to sleeping. Sometimes you can't even breathe in the stairway, it comes in under my door a bit too.

    3. Bucket


      OK, these idiots were at it until 2AM last night. Next time that happens I'm filing a formal complaint.

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      File it with this guy: