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  1. Last you heard, I was searching for an AC adapter for my ThinkPad 360CSE (486DX50, 20Mb RAM, 850Mb HDD). I visited the ThinkPad wiki, downloaded an owners manual and luckily was able to get the part number. That led me to this site, which happened to have other relevant parts for sale:


    Now, of course I want the AC adapter, but the other parts are interesting. The laptop is over a decade old and has been sitting for most of that time. The main battery can wait; the RAM battery is only used for standby... but the CMOS battery may be good to have. What do you guys think?

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    2. Bucket


      The voltmeter read 16.5 volts. But then, it's just as old as this laptop and may be inaccurate.

    3. Maes


      It doesn't work anymore even with the battery docked?

      What about the readings of the battery itself? (I would check for voltage, and possibly internal resistance). If it behaves like a short-circuit, time to find a new battery or hack this one... it's NiMH, right?

    4. Bucket


      I'm taking the laptop back to my dad's to see if the battery has any current.

      On the plus side, I had it on long enough to discover the OS version is "4.00.950 B", which means OSR2, which means it's capable of a fair number of modern accoutrements. Not sure if the drive is formatted FAT32; that would be awesome if it were.

      EDIT: The battery gives off a current of around 8V. It's labeled at 9.6V so that sounds about right. The brick still gives off 16V even after supposedly shorting out. So that leaves the most obvious problem of using a non-standard brick for this particular model.