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  1. So the story begins when I go to my parents' house. I notice a stack of hard drives sitting behind my dad's chair. He says they were lying around and mom found them while cleaning up. I decided to take them home and see if they were salvageable.

    I plugged them into a gutted desktop and tried them out. The first two were no good. The next two, however, turned out to be good and have data on them. One of them happened to be from a machine I built myself and used in 1997. Imagine my amazement when I rediscovered all my old music!

    OK, so it wasn't all great and I was new at composing... but the ideas here are priceless. I don't know if anyone here knows the feeling of floating through life and finally being tethered down but I definitely felt it. There's a lot of personal items in my life I thought were gone forever.

    Anyway, here's a MIDI file:

    And here's an MP3:

    And since I'm sure some of you care more about the drives, here are the ones that worked:

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    2. 40oz
    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Those songs are pretty cool too. I suspect I'm missing the full effect of the midi, apparently some instruments aren't in the GM set? The drums that are there sound awesome.

      I don't really know much about music outside of metal but the MP3 is a very 60/70s psychedelic rock kinda song, it makes me think of bands like Jefferson Airplane and their contemporaries.

      I wish I had a good midi sequencer.

    4. Bucket


      The Soundbank is GM, but the instruments themselves are much improved. These were all made with Cakewalk 3.0, though I use 6 now. There are still new versions coming out, but damned if I can find a reason to use them.

      I'll try loading up Timidity on my machine, but I haven't had much luck with it in the past.