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  1. A girl i like gets a boyfriend. I get suckered into an argument with the guy because he's a supreme douche. The girl I like takes his side and stops talking to me. Weeks later, I hear she broke up with the guy for being a supreme douche. I have yet to receive a letter from her admitting I was right all along.

    Another girl I like gives me the runaround. She said she liked me but wouldn't leave her asshole boyfriend. Naturally, she eventually became single and was shocked to learn I still had feelings for her. She admitted I was just too old for her. Recently I hear from a friend that she's dating an older guy.

    On the other hand, I suppose there's nothing ironic about being a two-faced bitch.

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    2. 40oz


      Super Jamie said:

      How on earth did this thread degenerate into DRM's toilet habits?

      Now that, my friend, is a sledgehammer of irony.

    3. myk


      Maes said:
      I've had bad experiences involving women and I'm writing about those from my POV, which puts them in a less than favourable light. Does that make me a misogyne?

      That seems to imply prejudice is just some set of values inherited outside experience, like from your dad, your religion, or the like, yet a limited, shitty experience may also produce prejudice or bigotry, even without those to enforce it. When the self and mind can't cope with something too well, they generate a crappy method to deal with it in a mediocre and defensive way.

      Does any particular passage state or imply I actually hate all women indiscriminately?

      A good degree of ignorance, fear and clumsiness, held on to more or less obstinately in the form of generalizations or ways to "figure them (or it) out" will do the job.

      Most cases and people that we need to judge require questions into their particular nature for us to react consequently in respect to them. If we react according to a preemptive plan, because we're confused or incapable of any better instead, we never get to make those questions and end up restricted by our own stance.

    4. Maes


      Myk, maybe I'm missing the obvious here, but are you a sociologist/psychologist/jurist of sorts?