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  1. I was going to take a fun picture of my car's mileage but I missed both the 31337 and 32768 milestones. I'm such a failure.

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    2. Snakes


      Maes said:

      ...when someone saus that you must clock in for work at 9, they surely don't mean 9 PM, or when a friend invites you to go hunting at 5 or 6 he means AM.

      That being said, there some very few rare occasions where you could be meaning either, but they usually entail having some fucked up (time-wise) job like e.g. night guard, night club bouncher, military, policeman, pilot, 24-hour long duties, or simply staying all day before a computer :-p

      I used to work as an overnight stocker at a 24-hour grocery store, so these mix-ups did happen a lot. One example:

      "You coming to the party tonight."
      "Nah, I'm working from 12 to 6."
      ".... So why aren't you coming over?"
      "12-6 AM, is what I mean."

      Got on my nerves as this happened a lot. Maybe what pops up more often is the concept of morning and night. There's a lot of, "2 in the morning or 2 at night?" Because people don't realize that the word "afternoon" exists... I think most of my problems stem from the fact that a lot of people are incredibly stupid.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      myk said:

      We use "y media", "y cuarto" and "menos cuarto" for half past, quarter past and quarter to and it can be combined with the 24-hour system. We usually put "y" (and) between the hour and minutes ("trece y cuarenta" means 1:40 PM)

      Excuse my ignorance but how do you pronouce "y" in the middle of a sentence, does it make a sound like "yuh" or "eee" or something else?

      I just prefer 24 hour time to visually tell time myself, I don't speak 24 hour time when talking to other people. If it's the morning and you say it's "seven", most people have the intelligence to discern AM/PM themselves. If it's ambiguous to both parties (such as in a landlocked room or during twilight) I'll usually add "in the morning" or "in the afternoon/evening/at night" as I say it.

    4. lupinx-Kassman


      Super Jamie said:

      Excuse my ignorance but how do you pronouce "y" in the middle of a sentence, does it make a sound like "yuh" or "eee" or something else?

      "eee" simialar to the way your pronounce "Wii".