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  1. This is quite an oddity. It's not quite a desktop, but a computer apparently designed for hospital use. Its main function is a "soft tissue scanner", according to the main software and expansion hardware. I've never seen anything like this before, but it's fascinating.

    It's shaped like a concrete block, and just as heavy. It blows louder than my air purifier.

    It's got the same unlocking keyboard as the luggables of old. It has a sticker on the back reading "no user serviceable parts inside". I call that a challenge.

    Now, that is one jacked-up keyboard. It's basically a brick of rubber. The mouse is fuckwin though. It's like a bigger, knobbier version of the Thinkpad's eraser dot.

    It also has the most comprehensive BIOS I've seen in years. It runs Windows 98, has a slim bay CD-ROM drive, floppy drive, 6Gb HDD, 64Mb RAM, and a bunch of medical crap I don't understand. The biggest flaw I found is a tiny scratch in the LCD display.

    It's an awesome find, and a bargain at US$75, but frankly I have absolutely no practical use for this.

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    2. Bucket


      Choices limited with PCI?

      But seriously, I think I or my dad may have a GeForce2 or an ATI Rage that will work marvelously. On the other hand, an external monitor would be cumbersome, so I'd rather use the on-board video.

    3. Maes


      Bucket said:

      Choices limited with PCI?

      The limitations, if anything, will come from the drivers and their suites. When you only have 256 MB of RAM to play with, having drivers that take up a hefty 50-60 MB and a heavy (for a Pentium I, at least) CPU overhead just the "keep alive" may not be the best choice.

      Plus, you won't be able to use anything using .NET framework (I think ATI Catalyst is using that from some time).

      Well, TBQH I've used some .NET apps on a K6/233 with 256 MB of RAM (Cryptload) acceptably, but this is really the case to say that you will find no app that relies so heavily on the graphics as to make having a Pentium I class processor negligible :-)

      Unless you want to brag about having a Pentium I that can do GPGPU...so in that case you could try some of those GPGPU fractal demos and show them off to people with dual cores and Intel GMA ;-)

      Maybe you'll be able to rewire the internal monitor, the mobo doesn't have onboard video according to specs, so they must be using something else e.g. a normal video card with a feature connector/internal VGA connector? Open that fucker up and tell us :-D

    4. deathbringer


      So, basically you bought an old piece of hospital equipment and are now trying to run Unreal on it?

      Fucking WIN.