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  1. How does Opera 10.6 run on a 266MHz Pentium 2 laptop with 256Mb of RAM?

    Pretty well, actually.
    The "turbo mode" is supposed to help with slow networks but it has the added benefit of cutting down rendering time - something that really matters on a notebook this old. It also adds to the genuine 90s-ish feel of horrible image compression. Mmm, yes.

    Adobe Flash, on the other hand, is still crap on a stick. That's OK though. I still love my slate grey Toshiba laptop. Even with its little LCD burn spot up in the corner and the battery that lasts 15 minutes at best and the fact that I can't go online without a PCMCIA card. You and my P1 Compaq are my pride and joy.

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    2. Nuxius


      Cool, I'll try it out as well, thanks. :) (although I have no explorer favorites to use, though; currently using an older version of Firefox on it)

      EDIT: That was just a picture I found on the web BTW, but I am using Win 98 on my as well, though.

    3. Bucket


      OH MY GOSH that's the same one I have! I think you even have the same wireless card! Is it a DWL-650? Do you have the external floppy drive? WE ARE LAPTOP BUDDIES

      Oh, but mine's running 2000 Server. So yeah.

    4. spank


      Heh, I have one of those too!