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  1. (Person A fucks up)
    Person B: You fucked up.
    Person A: Oh my god, your choice of words is appalling!
    Others: You were way harsh, dude.

    Why does this seem to be happening to me lately? I've begun to adopt a philosophy of not letting people get away with their bullshit. Before I was gracious and I had infinite patience, but now the abuse I get from people has risen to poisonous levels. Things get repeated until they're true, people start to believe there's only one side to the story. It's beginning to affect my livelihood, and that's unacceptable.

    So I tell them, in my own special way, how exactly they're fucking up. But instead of hearing the message, they're offended by the words. It's funny because people I know accept, and are even sometimes amused by, my ability to be terse and completely frank. I guess when it's aimed at them, it's a different story. So instead of people talking about how this person did something, I have to defend myself some more.

    Spanking is a punishment that some people accept. It's the quickest way to drill a lesson into a child's mind. And it FUCKING HURTS. But the pain isn't an unfortunate side effect, it's the essential part. Let's say you invited your mother over for tea. While she's sitting down watching TV, you walk in front of her, whip your dick out and start masturbating furiously. Of course, she leaves. But then she tells someone about it - perhaps someone who already knows you have a tendency to jerk off in front of others. You just can't believe your mother would do such a thing. How dare she!

    See the inconsistency there?

    On the one hand: if I have to lose friends just because I grew a set of balls, they weren't worth having. On the other hand: cooperating with these people has its advantages.

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    2. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      Agreed, Grazza won the thread.

    3. Maes


      Bank said:

      I think there is a stark difference between being criticized or even hung out to dry by a superior who expects something of you and a peer who you neither are subordinate to nor have any rational expectation of. If the person's supposed failure doesn't effect you in any way than what business is it of yours to inform them and berate them for it?

      My bad, I thought you were bordering on "no one should even dare comment on another's business" (which in principle I wholeheartedly agree with, assuming that NO relationship or direct affectability exists, e.g. even between peers who play on the same team, let alone the coach).

      Heh, I recall a newspaper here in Greece had a comic strip where one week they had those panels that showed a cascade of increasingly bitter and unrelated "commenters" on an athlete's performance -the more unrelated and detached, the more bitter the criticism.


      Panel 1:

      Sport News Announcer: "Athlete X performed dismally in this competion" (this particular Sport News Announcer is ranked 10th in the world ranking of Sport News Announcers)

      Panel 2:

      Sports Commenter: "Yeah, he really screwed up big time with this one. Better luck next year" (This Sports Commenter ranks 127th on the world ranking of Sports Commenters)

      Panel 3:

      Random sports fan: "How very dare he, he should be banned from ever playing this sport again!" (This random sports fan ranks 12312th in the world ranking of random sports fans).

      Panel 4:

      Random-ass bystander: "It's been a big disappointment for us all. Perhaps he should quit poaying altogether" (This random-ass bystander ranks 23492304th in the world ranking of random-ass bystanders)

    4. ReFracture


      Until just a few years ago, I had the same problem as bucket.

      Depending on how well you know somebody, you have to be careful with how you go about telling somebody they are wrong about something, otherwise they become all victimized and in the end you look like an ass.

      I wish people could deal with blunt criticism easier. I couldn't deal with it at all when I was younger, but things change I guess.