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  1. So there's this rapper I'm working with and things are going pretty smoothly. We're working in a smalltime studio with the latest in sound production technology (i.e. a 5-year-old Mac Pro with Pro Logic on it). Some of our material sounds close to radio quality. I presented a challenge to this kid: make a rap song in 7/8. I made a simple enough rhythm. Think he can pull it off?


    As a point of reference, this is the guy we were working with previously. He got dropped because he couldn't deliver on his end even when everything else was handed to him on a silver platter.


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    2. Bucket


      OK, I'm retarded. Here I was looking for a standalone program and I could've just gotten a VST plugin.

    3. Technician


      There yah go.

    4. Bucket


      Now I just have to find a way to unfuck Win7's permissions - because I dare not copy anything to /Program Files/ if I ever want to use it.