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  1. To-day I replaced the CPU on my laptop.

    My previous CPU was the TF-20 single core chip, which was appropriate for a while, but seeing it try to multitask was just pitiful. This chip has slightly higher wattage, so I'll have to see if it roasts my thighs. I should even get better life out of the battery now that the CPU doesn't have to struggle to do menial tasks.

    EDIT: Image no worky!
    Anyway, it's an AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-56.

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    2. Bucket


      That may have been true in the past but it was seated like a normal desktop chip. The heatsink looks pretty funky, though.

    3. Planky


      I have to pull apart my laptop to clean out the dust/cathair/etc, so will have a look at the CPU whilst I'm doing it. Assuming I can get a replacement CPU for it that is.

      Got any before/after stats re performance?

    4. ReFracture


      Planky said:

      Cool, was it a straight swap? I always assumed laptops had the CPUs soldered in

      As I understand, AMDs are pretty friendly to the concept of upgrading in laptops, whereas Intels.. not so much.