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  1. Since my triple-album prog rock opus is being put on the backburner until I'm rich enough to build a home studio, I decided to go ahead and put out a rap album.


    Most of the music is my creation. They were composed almost exclusively on free software, with a DAW called LMMS and an old drum sequencing program called Hammerhead. Of course, there was nothing free about the studio we mastered them in. There are one or two tracks made by a friend of mine, who specializes in pirated software.

    This rapper we're working with, Q Deezy, is more versatile than he lets on and we're probably going to be working with his "posse" next round.

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    2. Bucket


      I claim no responsibility for the artwork.

      We could've done much more with Silver Lining but I say it can wait for the remix. I tend to be the creative force that decides something is "good enough", while my partner is less imaginative but meticulous in achieving a particular sound.

      My favorite tracks are Celebrate, Get Em Outta Here and PHILLY.

    3. Lüt


      I like Bonus Track.

    4. Technician


      Ah, so this is what your were doing at the studio. Good for you. I've been wanting to do a comedy rap album but I can't possibly write better material then other people have done.