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  1. Bucket

    [MIDI Composers] What software do you use?

    I use Cakewalk Pro 6. Not SONAR but the old program from the 1990s that won't run on 64-bit Windows. I'd like to upgrade but there just isn't another program that gives me the level of control I'm looking for. Anvil Studio comes close, though.
  2. If you think that's fun, just look at the two major parties in this election, hoping that the wild card will work out in their favor - i.e. the virus kills more of the OTHER side's voters. Yes, that's literally where the USA is at these days.
  3. You have to wonder if AMD wouldn't have struggled all this time if they hadn't dragged their feet on hyperthreading for a whole decade.
  4. GEOS, Amiga OS4, FreeDOS, CP/M... I don't know if IBM PC-DOS counts because it was basically identical to MS-DOS. I "tried" OS/2 Warp for about ten minutes. It did not go well. The overall best experience was OS4 despite it being a massive pain in the ass to get running on my old PowerPC Mac Mini. For some reason Amiga Corp. does not want their OS running on what would undeniably the best possible platform for it. At any rate, it's probably the best fleshed-out OS that isn't part of the main trinity.
  5. Made another thing. I'm thinking maybe I should release a collection of the "best" MIDI tracks I made in the 1990s, remixed and remastered.
  6. Bucket

    Favorite sound chips? (poll)

    There are hundreds upon hundreds of great songs on the HVSC; it would probably take the rest of my life to hear them all. The SID chip is an amazing piece of hardware. On the other hand...
  7. A remaster of a MIDI that I wrote in the 1990s.
  8. Bucket

    Thoughts on Ministry (the band)?

    One of my favorite albums to listen to end-to-end.
  9. Bucket

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    I suppose they're all up for grabs since Revilution has already been released. Any Devilution tracks - you'll have to check with the mappers. I don't know which of the others are being used.
  10. Since we're all at home, I've been forced to take a second look at my long-ignored streaming channel to get things going properly. How would you guys be interested in live streaming MIDI composing sessions over Twitch? Second question: is there any interest in group voice chat (Discord et al) discussing Doom development or related projects?
  11. Bucket

    Playstation VR good?

    The headset fogs up every time you use it. Takes about half an hour of use to get a clear picture. Unless you have a PS4 Pro, the FPS and detail will be abysmal. Not recommended if you're prone to headaches or motion sickness. Playstation Move controllers are expensive. Exception: setting up a VR driving/flight sim with a racing chair and driving wheel or flight yoke. It's the cheapest setup money can buy.
  12. Something something people will choose a real Republican over a fake Republican every time. You're absolutely right in that the pandemic has put a spotlight on the need for public assistance and universal healthcare. If this doesn't get it through people's thick heads, I don't know what will.
  13. Bucket

    Are you metal?

  14. https://www.midieditor.org/index.php?category=intro Looks like a new MIDI editing program, more straightforward than other ones I've attempted to use. Does anyone have experience with this one?
  15. If the virus gets me, I want my diseased corpse trebuchet'd onto the White House lawn. Y'all aren't my friends or family but you seem like the kind of motherfuckers who can make it happen.
  16. My roommate is pregnant and insisting that I not go out under any circumstances - so I guess I'm eating all her snacks. *shrug*
  17. Bucket

    Listening to MIDI on Android

    Since we're on the topic of Android - what apps do you use to listen to internet radio? I can't find any apps that will take .m3u streams like MPC can.
  18. Currently weighing whether I have The Rona or if I just feel shitty because I'm old and out of shape and sitting around the house for three weeks.
  19. I don't know about you guys but I'm looking forward to seeing some actual progress on Devilution.
  20. Got some Atari 2600 stuff. I don't have the console right now but they're pretty cheap.
  21. Bucket

    SSD recommendations

    Because I'm a glutton for punishment, my current project is installing Ubuntu Studio onto a 2008 Mac Pro. Unfortunately the drive bays are not too accommodating to SSDs so I'm wondering if it's worth looking into the PCI variety. I wouldn't need more than, say, 32GB since it would strictly be a scratch disk for recorded audio. Can anyone recommend a brand?
  22. Not sure if it's technically an enemy but I was done with Silent Hill 4 once I came across this huge face on the wall.
  23. I enjoy DarkPlaces for Quake.
  24. Will it have an underwater timed escort mission?
  25. Bucket

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    You downloaded that file from my Google Drive, so yes, I still have it. You'll have to ask the Devilution mappers which of those have been claimed.