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  1. Dr_Ian

    Doom Comic - A Dramatic Rendition

    Well... uh... I am scottish and that is geordie speak, seriously.
  2. Dr_Ian

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    I don't have a mangarden but I want to try. I guess if my map sucks then it can be scrapped. Map: early one? Name: Dunno??? Monster: Spectre Resource Code: LOL Is that alright? Am I banned?
  3. Dr_Ian

    Doom comic in Flash (UPDATE: Pg 1 Finished)

    OMG this sounds ace.
  4. Dr_Ian

    "A Modest Video Game Proposal"

    You're probably right. To make someone snap and murder other humans is much too complex a matter to say "They played a violent game zomg :("
  5. Dr_Ian

    "A Modest Video Game Proposal"

    To be fair, crappy parents are the real problem. However you can't blame it on the parents and let it rest at that, because that won't solve anything. If one kid shoots another kid because they played some game they shouldn't have, it isn't the dead kid's parents fault in any sense, and often they have nobody to blame. Still it is the case with crazy people that they will latch on to any violent stimulus. It's not like there isn't really extreme examples of violence in literature or in movies. I guess the problem is that games are (a) interactive, and (b) a new medium, so that's where the controversy comes from. Personally, there is another very interactive medium that a lot of these legislitive people discount: Human imagination. There is not a violent (or sexual) thought that a (sick enough) human couldn't reach on their own without any prompting from outside ideas, so all in all the violence-in-games thing is a little bit moot. Although I think Jack Thompson is totally fucking insane and a lot of his points are extreme and put across in a logically incorrect or controversial way, I do think he has some good points about restricting the sale of inappropriate material to minors, and on profiteering on violence. Goodbye forever.
  6. Dr_Ian

    "A Modest Video Game Proposal"

    Sorry that was supposed to be in reference to the comment about modding postal 2, it seems another post got in before me.
  7. Dr_Ian

    "A Modest Video Game Proposal"

    He has stated in the past that he doesn't consider any kind of mod to be valid and that they are part of the problem, so making a mod won't mean anything to him.
  8. Dr_Ian

    "A Modest Video Game Proposal"

    Mods aren't a breach of copyright. He's just nuts, remember?
  9. Dr_Ian

    "A Modest Video Game Proposal"

    I listened to an interview with Jack Thompson yesterday, and he said he considered all mods to be breaches of copyright?! It would be wise to make sure it doesn't appear like a mod.
  10. Dr_Ian

    "A Modest Video Game Proposal"

    Btw you realise he said this game has to be sold...
  11. Dr_Ian

    Editing help ["Sectors not closed"]

    I'm not sure what the problem is, but if you have two different half-sectors that should be one whole sector, just select both of them and use the join tool.
  12. Dr_Ian

    New to slopes

    Yeah. A sector can only be sloped once with a 181.
  13. Dr_Ian

    New to slopes

    This is 100% correct of course. 121 lines types + slope things can be used to add a slope to a sector, and can be combined to make any sort of slope at all. I find 181 line types to be simpler (they do not require a thing) and so I generally use them, and only add 121 slopes when I need two or more sloping angles combined in one sector.
  14. Dr_Ian

    New to slopes

    The slope between the two rooms is created using line type 181. However, that can only create slopes on one side, so after that, the hexagon or octogon effect must be created with 'slope things'. These create a slope which goes from a specific marked line, and ends on the other side of the sector which will be at the height of the thing. The line is tagged with line special 121, and the thing is given the same id as the line.