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  1. Big M

    New method of cheating

    I wanna say it's kinda like cheating in the old way but with a twist..? Tbh I don't know how to classify this method because it uses Wifi Kill or Net Cut which is 3rd party app and it can be used in combination slicing or Tas.🤔
  2. Hello, I hate to bother you all on this fine evening but I came to warn you and the other speed run communities that there is a new method of cheating in speedrunning where a person is live-streaming a speed run that person can now swap to a TAS or a good part of a segment of a practice run that they had prepared earlier in the middle of the run while on the viewer side of things the screen will buffer a bit and the audio will cut out for a moment then they can make the switch to a Tas while everything buffering on the viewer's side once the deed is done. How does the cheater do this he uses a rooted phone or tablet with the apps called Wifi Kill or Net Cut he can control the wifi like a dam controls water. This is going to be difficult to detect with Audacity Spectrogram or other programs like Audacity . What makes this method superb is the fact that this method takes away one of the methods use to detect cheated runs also he use social engineering and other methods make his cheated more runs believable