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  1. Try my map and tell me what u think 


  2. did you draw your pfp?

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    2. FranziskaVonCaco


      ohhh  gosh  thats  rlly cool !!  : )   and u should play it again its a super awesome game  oh  and ...  whats ur favorite ace attorney character  just curious ??

    3. omx32x


      just good old phoenix wright

    4. FranziskaVonCaco


      ohh nice  my favorites are if i had to rank em like this :



      1  franziska von karma  (because  im kinda like her  some times xd)
      2 miles edgeworth cuz he just freakin cool

      3 phoenix wright  cuz idk why  same reasons as u probably

      4 the judge idk xd

      5 maya fey cuz im also kinda like her  a lot >_> at least my parents say so lmao

  3. FranziskaVonCaco

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    nice teeth
  4. FranziskaVonCaco

    What’s your Doom framerate?

    ohh well all the stuff about getting used to it is rlly interesting i mean i always get used to any frame rate after like a minute or so :) and some seem to need like , extremely much time for that i wonder how that is i mean its the same with audio for me when i get new speakers i instantly like them no matter how long i had my old ones tbh
  5. FranziskaVonCaco

    What’s your Doom framerate?

    i play at unlimited in gzdoom but in chocolate i play in 35 fps i see the difference but idk i think 35 fps feels rlly good
  6. FranziskaVonCaco

    my first map

    thats rly nice thx im glad you like it :)
  7. FranziskaVonCaco

    my first map

    that is not a bug its actually a secret ( the way to open it is open the secret door and grab the soul sphere and then the door will be open :)
  8. FranziskaVonCaco

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    are those pokèmon ?
  9. FranziskaVonCaco

    Nobody likes Lost souls.

    because it looks fxxkin creepy with the edited eyes
  10. FranziskaVonCaco

    my first map

    thanks thats rlly nice and i will try to fix the doors
  11. FranziskaVonCaco

    my first map

    oh gosh thats rlly nice thx :) ohh okay well good to know i just havent heard some one use the word " curious " for that i always thought thats meant to be like in , i am very curious as in very interested so i thought omg what has the map developed a brain or- you get the idea lmao sorry for the confusion :) and the red door and the other empty room they have been removed as i had purpose for them and i have also extended the map , so there is a secret at the end in the newer version that ive posted and if you find that , you re gonna get another fight at the end i also had a general idea which is inspired by doom eternals slayer gates so basically i hate key hunts in doom so i thought hey what if i only have the blue and the yellow key to be keys that open doors and only use the red key to to make slayer gates which then will be marked as secrets every where ? well wouldnt that be a neat idea ? oh gosh im rlly sory i didnt want to make you feel bad that totaly wasnt my intent at all im rlly sorry if i made you feel bad : / well it was in the old video at like 9:56 is where you started saying that i was wondering what you meant oh yea and thx for the hint with the bars i totally forgot about them :) and cool video btw
  12. FranziskaVonCaco

    my first map

    damn thats rlly nice thank you for how long havent you been playing tho ( out of curuisotry )
  13. FranziskaVonCaco

    my first map

    aaaahhhhh i get what you mean now
  14. FranziskaVonCaco

    my first map

    ohhh no okay i guess ill do that rn then oh yea and what is "tagless"
  15. FranziskaVonCaco

    my first map

    oh gosh well when i play the map it always works for me idk why it doesnt work out for you. i mean you seem to be the only one who has those problems im rlly sry i have no idea what could becauseing this ... i mean so far youre the only one who has complained it tho idk if anyone else would have the same problems im really sry ... maybe its something with dsda doom that is the only explanation thatm akes sense to me right now . well maybe if some one who has more knowledge about the inner dephts of the game i guess maybe we could get them to help us with that problem that d be pretty neat :) so if s oome one has know ledge about this please post about it so we can figure this out . oohh another video thanks :) and im happy you like it. i have a question tho so when you said the map is "curious" what do you mean by that ? i guess its a language barrier because english is not actually my first language but yeah what does it mean ? oh also what areas did you not like and what about them would have to improved ?