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  1. did you draw your pfp?

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    2. FranziskaVonCaco


      ohhh  gosh  thats  rlly cool !!  : )   and u should play it again its a super awesome game  oh  and ...  whats ur favorite ace attorney character  just curious ??

    3. omalefico32x


      just good old phoenix wright

    4. FranziskaVonCaco


      ohh nice  my favorites are if i had to rank em like this :



      1  franziska von karma  (because  im kinda like her  some times xd)
      2 miles edgeworth cuz he just freakin cool

      3 phoenix wright  cuz idk why  same reasons as u probably

      4 the judge idk xd

      5 maya fey cuz im also kinda like her  a lot >_> at least my parents say so lmao