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  1. MaximusNukeage

    Error Message

    yeah, it turned out that mapping and modding i'd done caused the conflict. Thanks!
  2. MaximusNukeage

    Error Message

    Every time i try to play on multiplayer i get an error and it says Couldn't load newpdas/pda1.pda and Data not in sync with server data Help me so i can go online and start fragging!
  3. MaximusNukeage

    Interesting shit here

    you know whats nuts? http://www.farangdingdong.com/
  4. MaximusNukeage

    Doom2 UV Run in 24:40 - No Damage (TAS)

    oh, sorry. i didnt know about the cheatage. sorry
  5. MaximusNukeage

    Doom2 UV Run in 24:40 - No Damage (TAS)

    this video looks kinda questinable, i mean on more than one occation i see fireballs hit the screen and explode. also lots of the turns look choppy
  6. MaximusNukeage

    Locations in Doom3

    Nevermind the problem was rampant leakage
  7. MaximusNukeage

    Locations in Doom3

    i've been making maps and I cant seem to get the location system to work right, i've followed the outline of this tutorial http://d3collective.hollosite.com/tutorials/locations/locations.html and I keep getting location overlap, and the editor says that the location_seperators arent contacting portals. but when i look at the portals indicated they are. WTF. i make a brush, I fit it between the rooms and texture it with the visportal texture. some one help!!!
  8. MaximusNukeage


    no presidend was ever gay, these are communist/jewish/trotskyist/gay lies and propaganda. :O so just buchanan, he was the only batchlor?
  9. MaximusNukeage


    Has america ever had a batchlor president? one whom was not married? I dont think we have.
  10. MaximusNukeage

    Sound shaders

    I didnt want to use custom sounds, shaviro's responce was easy enough for some one of my intellegence to understand. thanks any way deathman
  11. MaximusNukeage

    Sound shaders

    Thank you!! you should make some doom world official tutorials\
  12. MaximusNukeage

    Sound shaders

    How exactly do you go about using a sound shader?
  13. I have just recently discovered the joys of the powerful internet tool known as wikipedia, found at en.wikipedia.edu . it is totally awesome, i'm sure everyone else here ahas already heard of it; because i'm really slow at catching on to these things. and how its awesome.

    by the way that usp my dad and i bought, its having problems :( we went shooting twice (these are the first times using the gun) and the slide has failed to lock back most of the time. and empty rounds keep jamming the chamber, requiring racking of the slide, were gonna have to take it into an armorer.

    and I have enterd a mapping contest recently, I cant wait to see if I make the mega wad. I hope I do. any how college is hard but fun. i'm glad I'm with my G/f here. any how see yall soon :p

    PS Kerry crushed Bush in the debate, to bad he's gonna lose anyway

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    2. Psyonisis


      That site made me a better procrastinator.

      At least I'm learning while I do it!

    3. MaximusNukeage


      I added POWERADE!

    4. Bloodshedder
  14. well actually more like he got it, my dad that is. he purchased the Heckler & Koch Universal Self-loading Pistol Compact 9 millimeter!

    it is a masterpiece of form and function!

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      MaximusNukeage said:

      ...than there are accedental firearm deaths...

      How about intentional firearm deaths?

    3. SYS


      Scuba Steve said:

      How about intentional firearm deaths?

      They accidentally meant to do it on purpose.

    4. Fletcher`


      HELL YEAH! I got it!

      [tom lehrer]I got it from Agnes[/tom lehrer]

  15. MaximusNukeage

    Doom Movie Casting

    sounds like it gonna be a piece of shit