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Status Updates posted by MaximusNukeage

  1. I have just recently discovered the joys of the powerful internet tool known as wikipedia, found at en.wikipedia.edu . it is totally awesome, i'm sure everyone else here ahas already heard of it; because i'm really slow at catching on to these things. and how its awesome.

    by the way that usp my dad and i bought, its having problems :( we went shooting twice (these are the first times using the gun) and the slide has failed to lock back most of the time. and empty rounds keep jamming the chamber, requiring racking of the slide, were gonna have to take it into an armorer.

    and I have enterd a mapping contest recently, I cant wait to see if I make the mega wad. I hope I do. any how college is hard but fun. i'm glad I'm with my G/f here. any how see yall soon :p

    PS Kerry crushed Bush in the debate, to bad he's gonna lose anyway

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    2. Psyonisis


      That site made me a better procrastinator.

      At least I'm learning while I do it!

    3. MaximusNukeage


      I added POWERADE!

    4. Bloodshedder
  2. well actually more like he got it, my dad that is. he purchased the Heckler & Koch Universal Self-loading Pistol Compact 9 millimeter!

    it is a masterpiece of form and function!

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      MaximusNukeage said:

      ...than there are accedental firearm deaths...

      How about intentional firearm deaths?

    3. SYS


      Scuba Steve said:

      How about intentional firearm deaths?

      They accidentally meant to do it on purpose.

    4. Fletcher`


      HELL YEAH! I got it!

      [tom lehrer]I got it from Agnes[/tom lehrer]

  3. I got a bunch of attachments for the rail system on my P90 TR (triple rail) check it out.



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    2. destx


      Your moustache is stupid. Remove it a once.

    3. Relica Religia

      Relica Religia

      You give Airsoft a terrible name.

    4. MaximusNukeage


      thank you for your warm comments, i know they are because you all envy my bbgun. and by extention my huge pen1s.


  4. I started up doom and ran it on ultra detaim mode (with 4x anti-aliasing) just to see what it would look like and, amazingly i got acceptable frame rates!

    i guess it's cause I'm running an alien force with 3ghz processor w/ hyperthreading, 2ghz of ram and a gforce fx 5900 ultra

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    2. chilvence


      What if it was really flexible, like a worm, but also strong and very dextrous like an elephants trunk or a python? Then you could use it to pick things up that are 35 feet away, or to swing on branches like a monkey. That would certainly impress me, anyway.

    3. Goliath


      chilvence said:

      What if it was really flexible, like a worm, but also strong and very dextrous like an elephants trunk or a python? Then you could use it to pick things up that are 35 feet away, or to swing on branches like a monkey. That would certainly impress me, anyway.

      hell im getting wet right now...

    4. MaximusNukeage


      Goliath said:

      hell im getting wet right now...

      chill dude

  5. i just got mine in the mail. I know, I'm a shameless muerchandising whore. but at least it's collectors edition. and i thin it will be alot easier to play using a gaming keyboard compared to a crusty old microsoft one. any one else gonna buy one?

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      I bumped your shit too.

    3. chilvence


      I dont like the idea of bumping shit. Each to their own, but its not me.

    4. Sharessa


      You seemed a lot more into it when I bumped your shit last night.

  6. reading all the posts by new noobs here i wonder, was I that lame when i started? I think the answer is yes, but can any one of us say that at the begining we were any diffrent than DR.doom or my self?

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    2. Sharessa


      I actualy did read the FAQ before I posted, but back then it was 1/10th the size it is now and was mostly just deadnail ranting about stupid people.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      I read the FAQ, because I didn't want to miss a thing, Doomworld being my first messageboard :P

    4. Bloodshedder


      You might want to look over it, it's been updated again. Although this time the changes are a bit more subtle.

  7. i have a standard poodle. he's 10 years old. YaY!

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    2. Silverwyvern


      darknation said:

      I'm just stuck in my ways. It's taken me like 4 years to get any good with PSP and I'll be damned if I am unlearning all that shit now so I can use the latest sack of putrid bloat that is PSP 8

      there's an 8?

    3. Ultraviolet


      Can it wear a schoolgirl outfit like your girlfriend?

    4. MaximusNukeage


      dont make me get ultra-violent on you, ultra-violet

  8. is am i the only one who, out of insane obsesion with ID, and my over active Id bought bothe doom collectors edition and collectors edition doom even though i hade the games individually. the diffrence between the two products is the size of the box and the bonus doom3 content CD. so as i said before am i alone in this foolishness?

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    2. Grazza


      Doom2 1.666 (5 floppies)
      Ultimate Doom (CD)
      Final Doom (CD)
      id Anthology (4 CDs, including all of id's games up to Quake)

      So I bought two copies of all the main stuff. Three copies, if you include the Mac versions in the id Anthology.

    3. Ralphis


      Depths of Doom Trilogy

    4. pritch


      id anthology

  9. my g/f got herself a catholic school girl outfit/costume after much asking/begging/pleading/praying/self-flaggelating by me and I was wondering what do you all think is the best outfit for a girl to wear? I like the school girl outfit cause of the skirt and tight shirt it entails. anyone else have any feelings

    P.S. my g/f has unimaginably great T&A, so I'm a very happy camper :D

    P.P.S i like to brag about my G/F

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    2. Ultraviolet


      /me waits for the bullet to end this miserable thread, expecting it any moment now


    3. Bucket


      I own a school girl outfit.


    4. Ultraviolet


      I am a schoolgirl outfit.

  10. hey remember me? mabey not. Any hoo I just got off the ip ban list, which I should have been off much earlier. I was still on it because I Maintain comps at NYC and on Long Island, the unit on LI had been unbanned yet the one at my haus had not. And thats the fact jack.

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    2. Sephiroth


      what did you do to recieve that level of bannage?

      warez? porn? both?

    3. Epyo
    4. MaximusNukeage


      being lame and flamming blood

  11. Mercury: each year is a day on half the planet. huge impact basin named caloris.

    Venus: 730K and 90 atmospheres of pressure on the surface. clouds of sulfuric acid.

    Earth: rapidly changing weather patterns. massive hydrosphere. differentiated surface.

    Mars: 1/3 gravity of earth. super thin atmosphere. tallest mountian known Olympus Mons. Huge surface features: Hellas Basin, Tharsis Plains, and Valles Marinaris.

    Jupiter: 300+ times more massive than earth. Magnetic field is larger than the sun. predominantly hydrogen and helium atmosphere. The Great Red Spot, a huge storm 4 times the size of earth that rotates with the core. over 50 'moons'

    Saturn: most massive and most visible ring system. most squished planet, due to speed of rotation. helium rain. H/He atmosphere.

    Uranus: Blue. Moons named after Shakespeare characters. Massive tilt. thin rings visible.

    Neptune: Clumpy rings. Magnetic field way of center. had great dark spot (it dissapeared, however there is a new spot in the northern heisphere). 'Scooter' spot that zipps around planet very quickly.

    Pluto(Not really a planet): its moon (charon[pronounced sharon]) is about half is size and mass. the center of gravity for the system lies inbetween the two. ball of rocky ice. kuiper belt object.

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    2. sargebaldy


      I voted Earth as well. It's certainly the most interesting and unique planet in the solar system.

    3. myk


      I like the morning star.

    4. Grazza


      myk said:

      I like the morning star.


  12. i have 3 airsoft guns and no where to use them, i always end up just shooting my friends when they come to my house.

    from left to right a P90, an M4 and a Steyr Aug. all are full auto and battery powered

    same pix in my "xanga"

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Are you still here?

    3. MaximusNukeage


      i got him back by unloading a clip into his back, he ran away sobbing like a baby, then i started to reload to shoot him with another clip, but he tackled me. atleast i got me capping him in slow motion and him acting like a pussy, flailing his arms arround. it was funny

    4. kainisbanned


      are you refurring to me? hm...

  13. why is everyone so affraid of clowns? i always hear of people being affraid of clowns and i dont understand why, i, personaly, am unaffraid. perhaps its because i have never had a clown come to any of my birthday parties. which begs the questions what are these clowns doing to children at these parties to terrify them? and why arent our old friends at AL QAEDA exploiting this national terror, by sending out videos of them dressed in clown attire, or by dreessing up as clowns when they want to bomb us, although it would probably be easier for our soldiers to shoot them were they dressed in such a fassion

    and those are my thoughts on clowns.

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    2. DooMBoy


      I have neither fear of heights, clowns, or dolls :D

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      I start to lose balance and tremble if I look up at high things like Skyscraper tops or sometimes the sky. :D

    4. Ichor


      That sounds less like a phobia and more like a center of gravity problem.

  14. i got a title i'm so happy :)


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    2. MaximusNukeage


      i'm back and i plan to be much less of a penis

    3. Amaster


      So much for that.

    4. DooMBoy


      This thread sucks cock


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    2. Psyonisis


      You don't want to wear a t-shirt that advertises a video game; it makes you a nerd. Nerd.

    3. Ichor


      I had a Pac-Man T-Shirt once, but that was back around 1981, when it was the most popular thing around.

    4. AndrewB


      I would much rather wait until I find out if the game sucks or if it really sucks, thank you.

      Just kidding. But I do have a personal policy against being a fan of an unreleased game.

  16. hey check out my xanga http://www.xanga.com/private/home.aspx?user=desolatordave

    free t shirts rock!

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    2. Sharessa


      What the fuck is a xanga and why do I have to register to see it?

    3. SyntherAugustus


      Danarchy said:

      What the fuck is a xanga and why do I have to register to see it?

      Try his sig.

    4. MaximusNukeage


      oh shit sorry bad link here is one that should work

      edit: thx for the vote