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  1. Drat

    Emergency Doom

    Where is that old site that listed DooM mentions and appearences in movies and TV? By the way, in a recent (for Australia) episode of Stargate SG1, there was a small mention of DooM. It was in series 8 episode 6 - Avatar. SGC. SCIENCE LAB. Teal’c is again in the chair preparing to go into the game. LEE: Thanks to Colonel Carter’s new code translation programme, we can actually monitor your progress through a graphic representation of your point of view. CARTER (to Teal’c): You’ve played Doom. TEAL’C (smiling): I played Def Jam Vendetta. Nothing much, I know, but it's a mention nonetheless.
  2. Drat

    The /newstuff Chronicles #202

    The actual link to the Dm-Symmetry entry is: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=12877
  3. Drat

    The /newstuff Chronicles #202

    Finally got my username back after like, two years. Anyway, the link to DM-Symmetry is linked to the entry for Knee Deep in the Waste. I've noticed stuff like this in several Newstuff articles. Seriously, doesn't anyone test their links anymore?
  4. Drat

    Deathmatch Timeline

    Be nice if those old IRC logs could be provided zipped as well. I'd rather download a meg or less of zips than 10+ megs of text files.
  5. Drat

    We Love Carmack!

    Shorter?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm getting fucking sick of "Shorter games with richer, deeper content". Over too fucking soon, leave you wanting more.
  6. Drat

    Newer Doom 3 Video At E3

    I just hope that there aren't too many scripted sequences used. Too many scripted bits hurts replayability.
  7. Drat

    The Community's Chest

    Sounds interesting. How about a status update on Daedalus?
  8. Drat


    I do use a download manager. The absolutely ancient, but good Gozilla 3.5. All newer versions are bloatware shit. And it reports 3ddownloads as not supporting resume. With their unique key approach for each download, I'd guess it'd be hard to achieve anyway.
  9. Drat


    I'm bumping this to get a little attention to these problems. Shouldn't have edited my old post as I did a couple weeks back as then no-one would see any new posts. Anyway, as I said, the 3ddownloads page for TwiTerror's Back to Sandy's City song isn't working right. The link to bring up the queue window just jumps the browser to the top of the page when clicked. And could Ashley Carr's DooM II remixes be split into two files? 3ddownloads doesn't support resume, and this can be a problem for some on 56k and session limits. There are also a couple broken links, Such as ILP's Doomix and Selvagens' Doom.
  10. Drat

    UAC Everywhere

    Good to hear!
  11. Drat

    Clever Play on the Word Torment

    Eternal merely used some textures from Heretic/Hexen, and most levels were medieval-ish in theme. No more than that.
  12. Drat

    UAC Everywhere

    I tried running it and I got no picture. It doesn't require Media Player 9 does it? No fucking way I'll put that on my machine. I prefer it when my media programs DONT dictate what I do with my media files.
  13. Drat


    What I'd really love would be a remix of Signs of Evil (E1M8), with piano and a really despairing, solemn guitar. Basically like a full version of the end of Jamie Robertson's UltraViolence. All live, of course. A couple links are broken. The 3d downloads page for that TwiTerror - Back to Sandy's City song doesn't work right either. Oh, and does someone have a resumeable mirror of Ashley Carr's DooM II music? I'm on five hour session limits and dialup, and 3ddownloads doesn't support resuming. So unless there is no queue, and I get best speed, I can't possibly finish the download.
  14. Drat

    Daedalus: Alien Defense

    Hope the music's good too. Some of the Icarus music is among my favourites.
  15. Drat

    Speedy Speedsters

    The download links for the first four speedmap packs are broken, but the files are stored in the same location as the rest.