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  1. I stopped using steam a few months ago. Wonder how it will hold up when people can buy HL2 over it, seeing how the steam network has had problems with updates for CS/DOD before.
  2. Tieowbeijas

    Doom 3 co- op

    You know, me and other co-op lovers actually play co-op for *gasp, shock and horror* FUN!
  3. Tieowbeijas

    Finally, some new info (SPOILERS)

    The hallucination stuff sounds cool. I wonder how far they will go with it though. It can be that you see an enemy that isn't there, or maybe they take it as far as Eternall Darkness(on the Gamecube) where you get all kinds of wierd effects when you go insane(you can sink through the floor, become smaller, you might explode when you use magic and so on, there are also "out of the game" stuff like a BSOD or insects on the TV screen).
  4. Tieowbeijas

    Doom 64 on pc?

    It is probably illegal. http://www.nintendo.com/corp/legal.jsp#download_rom
  5. Tieowbeijas

    McDonalds in the McWorld......?

    The closest McDonald is two miles away(yay). What we have in the town I live in is a "Sibylla", they make great hamburgers :D
  6. Tieowbeijas

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    Didn't notice that and I'm in the tunnels in hub 3 so those tubes work quite nice to compensate for the lack of health :) And I mostly got the idea of health from monsters from System Shock (2), since you go around a lot between levels and meet newly respawned enemies which could carry a med-patch or two sometimes. As it is now in Daedalus it would probably suffice with an at most 10-20% chance that they drop a stim pack, that would probably keep you going untill you find a med kit and some armor.
  7. Tieowbeijas

    When you first met Doom?

    My first time was around 94-95, my dad had brought home a cd with tons of demos and shareware games, I just played around with some of them... But then I found the Doom shareware and I loved it. At that time though Doom was really hard to come by here, so I never got to play the game in it's full glory until a year or two ago when I got my hands on the Collector's edition.
  8. Tieowbeijas

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    The only thing I can complain of is the lack of health bonuses combined with monster respawning, if either some health packs would respawn or there was a low chance that a monster could drop a stim-pack it would be all fine.
  9. Tieowbeijas

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    I have nothing against the stealth monsters, it's just that I had a painfull experience with some of them. And I suspect that the revenants were standing on either side of the door, made it sorta fun in gameplay, like they had planned an ambush or something =D
  10. Tieowbeijas

    Gamespy "Most Wanted Games of 2004"

    From what I've seen with the Havok engine(in Max Payne 2 and DX:IW) corpses fly around to easily when hit, they just dont flop a bit, the can slide a bit or even (as in the DX:IW demo) fly a meter or two off the ground. The physics of Doom 3 look less... overdone, in the E3 2003 movie when a zombie commando was shot in the chest with the shot gun he flew a bit backwards and went down quickly, which to me looks better.
  11. Tieowbeijas

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    This is a really nice campaign. Although I tend to get stuck (and finding out that the solution is obvious which means that my palm and forehead makes a high-five) it's lots of fun. The worst thing that has happened to me with those stealth creatures was when I went through a door on the brig and suddenly bagan to take lots of damage, there were two invisible revenants that had started to punch me like some old punching bag.