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  1. This year I will turn twenty-four years old. I'm not really too excited about being twenty-four. In some sense I'm kind of having a young mid-life crisis.

    Perhaps mid-life crisis is stretching the reality of the situation a bit, but really I feel kind of left out about life at certain points. I am starting to watch my friends get married and have children.

    I am one of those guys who jump from woman to woman in hopes of finding love, but end up finding a psychopath, a control freak, or a drama queen.

    So one goal for 2011 is to find a half decent girl with a normal life, a normal family, and hopefully I'm done playing the field for a while. I'm really tired of the dating world, though I do enjoy being single and 'free'.


    In my days of police academy (last year) I had become really ripped and muscular from working out all the time.

    I eventually decided that police work is not for me.

    After making that decision, I stopped working out and got real lazy. I work with multimedia and have for six years now.

    A goal of mine for 2011 will to start working out and getting buff again. Being a thin man it doesn't take me long to get a nice muscular definition.


    One of my favorite hobbies outside of video gaming is fishing. I fish nearly every day once the warm weather is here. I do fish the winter months as well for Northern Pike and Walleye, but really the rivers around my area get so low that to fish I'd have to go to a lake and without a half decent boat there is no point in winter fishing a lake (with the exception of ice fishing and I don't have the setup to do that).

    I spent most of 2010 bass fishing. I've seen so many bass this year that I'm not sure that I even want to fish in waters that have bass.

    I guess I'm kind of disappointed in myself that I didn't fish for catfish too much in 2010.

    On that note, I am making it a goal to catfish nearly all summer for 2011.


    Since this is a Doom forum. I will say that I am going to be releasing at least three wads this year and in the following order.

    Classic Killz 2 - This will be a direct continuance of my most recent release Classic Killz. I only have a few rooms left to build. I've just been real busy with work and haven't had much down time to map. The whole reason I even did Classic Killz was because I had found a weekend of downtime after a few meetings were canceled. So, this will probably turn into a downtime map series that I will continue.

    Invasion of the Vile: Chapter 2 - This is a direct sequel to Invasion of the Vile: Chapter 1. This time the story starts off taking place in the UAC Snow Bases which were infected with monsters summoned by the diabolists.

    I am currently finishing the last three maps to the 10 (2 secret) map set.

    Frost Temple: The Remake - Just like Imp-ire I will be remaking one of my first maps known as Frost Temple. Although unlike Imp-ire I'll make sure that the MAPINFO file isn't bugged before I release it. Haha.


    That is all I really have for goals and thoughts on 2011. I hope everyone here has a good 2011.

    Thanks for reading.