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  1. Raptor

    Doomworld Catchphrase

    You shiteater, I SAID THAT!!!!
  2. Im modding doom3, Trust me, making stuff for classic doom is a brease, You wana start making 100,000 polly lightmaps? trust me, its MUCH harder then classic doom.
  3. Raptor

    Warning for Ungibbable Mod Users! *Minor Spoiler*

    If you had any common sence at all you'd know you could just replace the pk4 in the ungibbable mod(with a mod that has gibbing like flashlight mod or shit) and redo the last level over.
  4. Raptor

    Last boss

    Its like saying, Whats the url to doomworld.com?
  5. Raptor

    Doom 3 secret level!

    Yea, you just have to beat the bullshit monster then your sent to bullshit island, and you get a gun called,... BULLSHIT!
  6. Raptor

    What did you like most?

    All the funny shit on the forums that it created
  7. Raptor

    Last boss

    Yea, and rember, the crabs are bigger then you are! So when they pour from his crotch make sure to have the bfg ready.
  8. Raptor

    Double barrell shotgun mod

    Yea my grandpa's friend lost a thumb shooting a double barrel, the barrel release switch caught his thumb and ripped it off, thats why i perfer my Saiga-12 auto, twice the firepower(with the 12gauge magnums), clip reloads, much better cycle rate lol. And why do you think 00shot would be better? Its only 10pellets, you want around 20 pellets to cut someone inhalf.
  9. Raptor

    GTKRadiant 1.5.0 Beta has Doom 3 Support

    Too bad you couldnt model the map in a 3d program then edit it in D3Radiant. I have a really nice 3d modeler called Zanoza Modeler used for making high polly cars for games, but it works for anything sence it exports in 3ds and lightwave.
  10. Raptor

    Soulcube *Spoiler Possibility*

    maby he needs some pain killers and hes complianing about his invisiable knee?
  11. Raptor

    Your honest opinion required...

    Well, maby i love the game cause i dont allow it to get boring or repetive? ill play a level, make a mod, post some on the forums, then the next day, beat a nothere level and so on, so its great for me, ive been playing daily and i havent beat it yet.
  12. Raptor

    Sarge cutscene

    same thing happened to me, just keep making it play it and itll work eventually, that was the sign of my videocard crashing after 4 hours straight play tho.
  13. Raptor

    New to mods...

    Put the pk4 file in a folder youll reconize, then place the folder under your doom3 folder, not inside the base folder, then ingame click the mod button and load the the folder you named, then the game will reload then you can do whatever you wish cause itll be loaded.
  14. Raptor

    Your honest opinion required...

    Weather or not you like the story is an OPINION NOT A FACT, I think the story was kick ass 90%, I also liked deusex2's story and kotor's story, but you could also make them sound stupid too, I can cut apart the movie the pinaist, saying, the stupid moron just ran around helplessly for hours on end then its a happy ending. Thats no way to rate a story tho man.
  15. Raptor

    really funny glitch

    Its just a fun thing i made for myself, i havent released it anywere, i guess i should, im just waiting to make the shotgun have the power to send a cyberdemon to hell, ohh wait hes in hell isnt he?