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  1. Devldawg7051

    Scariest sound?

    Alright smart guy, if it had been THAT well known I suppose I would've known about it then, eh? Indeed.
  2. Devldawg7051

    Where did they come from?

    Thats a really good point about crash - Makes ya think! If she's the one responsible for the training of Marines in the future, its no wonder they were all slaughtered. Everything stems from a woman, the invasion of hell and the destruction of countless human lives and property, the deaths of possibly hundred of thousands of marines...all linked to a blond with a nice body and no brain.
  3. Devldawg7051

    Where did they come from?

    That simple? Come on, I can read an entire full page bio on a character only referenecd as "The Doomguy" on Doom Wiki but all thats there for those two is a one liner :-P
  4. Devldawg7051

    Lonely vs Company

    Yea, I imagin your right in a sense. I guess I just want to see Doom go in a bit of a different direction. Back in the Ultimate Doom era, I could accept the whole lone wolf style of gameplay. AI wasn't nearly as capable as it is now. I guess with all the pretty graphics and what not, I'm lookin for a different kind of upgrade. Besides, I can't be the only one that stopped getting scared of the "Dark Hallway - Approach door - Open Door - Imp leaps at you - Kill imp - Repeat" Formula. I can justify D3 as being that way, but it's expansion or sequal, whatever, I think should've had a more group oriented mindset.
  5. Devldawg7051

    Where did they come from?

    I was reading another thread about what the doomguy would do after he got finished and it mentioned about how he couldn't have been in "Final Doom." It also mentioned phobos which made me wonder, where did id come up Phobos and Crash, in Q3 Arena? Where in the doom story did they ever play a part? Did I miss something? I never read the novels so maybe thats it..I'm not the most fluent on the Final Doom story, either. I suddenly feel ashamed.
  6. Devldawg7051

    Lonely vs Company

    Does anyone ever get tired of being the "lone marine?" I think something I tended to enjoy about Q4 over D3, was just the introduction of a bit more interaction. I loved being the lone super badass Marine savin the world the first several times, but then doing it with other marines struggling by my side in Q4 made me feel a little more involved and to scale. The battle against hell is given this epic proportion yet, at the same time, the scale really is so very small. Maybe its just the fact this Marine we all play as is just the type to get there fashionably late (Ultimate Doom, your buddies go in, die, then you FINALLY get bored and wonder "WTF, Mate?" - Doom II, your fuckin around on Mar's and when you FINALLY get home earth's one big crispy critter - D3, you get back to Marine HQ just in time for everyone else to be dead already). I dunno, I guess I just crave that massive epic battle between a bunch of hard assed marines pitted against seemingly endless hordes from the depths of hell. Thoughts? Am I speaking blastphamy when I say that maybe Doom would fare a little better with having a similar setup to Q4 in terms of not being the loner in a big invasion?
  7. Devldawg7051

    Where do you think the Doom Guy will go?

    He's probably in a VA Hospital waiting room filling out all the government paperwork for disability and compensation pay he'll get for the rest of his life as a result of fending off the legions of hellspawn sent forth to destroy humanity. Then he'll pick up a happy peaceful job in a suburban corner store in the country, never to be seen again. Or he'll lose his mind from nightmarish visions of all his fellow marines slaughtered, burned, zombified, impaled and so forth and get sentanced to lifetime imprisonment in a psychiatric ward. Whichever.
  8. Devldawg7051

    Scariest sound?

    Anyone play doom so much/so long, that when you watch modern films..any kind, every once in a while you will hear a sound from one of the demons in the game? I wish to god I could think of examples but I'm 110% positive I've heard them before. It is rare but it does happen.. The ones I remember hearing mostly are the biting noises pinky makes, sounds from the IMP, the door noises, so forth. Makes me kinda smirk when I hear it and I know exactly where the sound FX guys stole it from...
  9. Devldawg7051

    MD2 Models - WTF?!

    Problem solved - Was downloading the wrong package - Thanks :-)
  10. Devldawg7051

    MD2 Models - WTF?!

    Alright, it's been a long time since I played the original doom, I wanted to mess around with it and so on...the 2D rotating textures were annoying me so I figured I'd try the MD2 models. So I hook up Doomsday, download the MD2 models and install them in the addon section, select to enable 3D models in the console etc....but...all I get is a big fuck you, pal! Its all high res, yea. The sprites for the weapons work..but the items, enemies, etc, are still 2D. Can anyone please offer some insight here? I've extracted the MD2 models everywhere I can think of...
  11. Devldawg7051

    Activision woes could affect Doom 3's release date

    To many programmers downloading Britney Spears porn mock-ups on kazaa maybe? o.O I don't know but the whole string of game leaks is getting a bit stupid.
  12. Devldawg7051

    Are corpses going to decay?

    Another neat twist maybe if not only did the zombies reanimate at random rates but if it was also random as to which ones came back and which ones didnt...that way you wouldn't nessisaraly know which of the zombies out of however many you've taken out would come back again...another cool effect, if you blew off a leg or severed the torso somehow if the upper body crawled after you.
  13. Devldawg7051

    When you met the Archie for the first time...

    "ooo..new monster...neat...AHH!" was about my reaction
  14. 'ey, whats up...
    Been readin' the forums a while 'n figured I'd finally regester my lazy ass. Little backround, Been playin' doom for about 10 years (fuckin' awesome), currently active duty in the Marine Corps as a Fire & Rescue Specialist..hitting up my specialty training to complete my certification at Goodfellows Airforce base..always thought it was awesome that the hero in doom was infact a Marine..even if all his buddies did get slaughtered o.o

    Look forward to contributing to the forums, hope I can become a regular in these parts.

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