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  1. 'ey, whats up...
    Been readin' the forums a while 'n figured I'd finally regester my lazy ass. Little backround, Been playin' doom for about 10 years (fuckin' awesome), currently active duty in the Marine Corps as a Fire & Rescue Specialist..hitting up my specialty training to complete my certification at Goodfellows Airforce base..always thought it was awesome that the hero in doom was infact a Marine..even if all his buddies did get slaughtered o.o

    Look forward to contributing to the forums, hope I can become a regular in these parts.

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    2. Hobo


      lupinx_resurrected said:

      i didnt exactly expect it to take to long for this thread to become retarded..........

      Well now it is. You win the prize.

    3. The Ultimate DooMer
    4. Epyo


      I started it, I win.