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  1. Tactical Burger 69


    thanks for playing and for the feedback!
  2. Tactical Burger 69

    How do I make MIDI music for doom 2?

    You can use midi programs to make midis. Many people use Sekaiju but it's way too complicated for me. I stick to Aria Maestosa. You can hook up a midi keyboard and use it if you have one. You don't need one to use aria maestosa but I'm not sure about sekaiju. Here's the download link for both: https://ariamaestosa.github.io/ariamaestosa/docs/index.html and https://openmidiproject.opal.ne.jp/Sekaiju_en.html
  3. Tactical Burger 69


    Fair enough lol
  4. btw plz bump the thread too plz
  5. Tactical Burger 69


    Idk why it just came to my mind but your video is titled "first try" even though you died once 🤨
  6. Tactical Burger 69


    just fixed a game breaking bug
  7. Tactical Burger 69

    Fnaf Scary.wad

  8. 1. Any limit removing sourceport will work 2. MAP01 3. Infernal Invasion 4. Medium (doom 1 e1 difficulty) 5. 1 6. Complevel 2 7. Doom 2 8. Read thread for more info Link:
  9. Fortnite balls all in yo face
  10. Tactical Burger 69


  11. Tactical Burger 69


    this makes it so much better frfr
  12. Tactical Burger 69

    Doom Repainted

    simply amazing
  13. Tactical Burger 69


    Thanks for the feedback!
  14. Tactical Burger 69


    I'm thinking of making a sequel to this map when I get some ideas