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  1. I'm finally starting college this week, after spending eight years in high school (six of which I could've done without). For the following three years I will be studying Multimedia and Communications Technology, with the third year being a specialisation year in which one option is 3D modelling and animation. So that's nice.

    What's also neat is that they've given me this laptop (225K). I's an IBM ThinkPad R50, in my case equipped with a 1.6Ghz Centrino processor, 512MB of memory and a nice ATI FireGL T2 128MB graphics chip. The coolest thing to me though is they've already put tons of development software on it. I've been looking for a warez copy of Visual Studio .NET 2003 for a while now, and hey - now I legally own it.

    The screen is absolutely brilliant too. 1600x1200, very crisp, mostly great colors. Every time I go back to my 19 inch CRT monitor it looks about 10x blurrier than I remembered.

    It couldn't have come at a better time - I've been planning my first decent game (working title: They Saved Hitler's Brain!, think Metal Slug X with 3D graphics) and now I can get to work on it without having to look at ugly old MSVC++ 6.0 all day - and always have the project around in case I feel particularly saucy and want to hack something in on a long train ride.

    So, yay.

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    2. Use


      Nice computer! Take some more pictures of you..er i mean it. ;D

    3. pritch


      Heh, I've had to buy my own laptop, and now it's had a dead motherboard on arrival I have to send it back etc. etc.

      I'll be lucky if I have it back/replaced by the time I start uni.

    4. American Idiot

      American Idiot

      Wow, I've got the same laptop (IBM Thinkpad at least) sitting in a case right next me now. I've never used it because it really isn't mine. :Þ