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  1. thiccyosh

    A Response To Arturo's Statements

    A true intellectual doesn't read these dumbass magazines. A true intellectual does whatever he wants and does not care what other people think. You like what you're doing? Do it, you may suck at first. But that's part of the process of becoming good at something. I may be a dumbass sometimes but is that stopping me from being one or being able to create ideas and actually make them come true? No, I like doing it. It's not worth harming yourself because someone had a cranky wanky.
  2. 🥳


    1. thiccyosh


      Haha! Thank you MagicMushroomMan! I really appreciate it!

  3. thiccyosh

    So, how old are you ?

  4. thiccyosh

    Random Video Thread

    Me: *Has 1 Health left and tries to find any medkits* Stray 120 damage Cyberdemon rocket:
  5. thiccyosh

    So, how old are you ?

    Right now I'm exactly 19.881.792.000 Doom ticks old. That is if my dumbass got that right. If you've calculated that right in years, you may wish me a happy birthday.
  6. thiccyosh

    Doom Mods and food.

    Map18 in Doom 2 is like that one dish or sweet you remember from your childhood. Map19 in Doom 2 is spaghetti with ketchup. Map21 in Doom 2 is beans (do not ask why)
  7. thiccyosh

    how to get brutal doom in hdoom

    A Quote from the hdoom pk3 file perfectly describes how I feel about this post. Next step is to contemplate your life choices. Note: It won't work in Brootal Dewm 64, only in regular drootal broom.
  8. thiccyosh

    What's your favorite source port?

    I use dsda-doom mainly for playtesting and for playing Doom (who would've guessed). There isn't a more rounded off source port for me that actually does what I expect it to do. Not just being able to run vanilla Doom, but also is able to run very large maps with a crap-ton of enemies without easily lagging and being able to run monstrosities I call my dehacked projects, which usually would crash the hell out of GZDoom.
  9. thiccyosh

    Random Image Thread

    Average mid 90's shovelware map.
  10. thiccyosh

    What are you planning for October?

  11. Short answer: Yes. Slightly short answer: If you have the talent of a madman going nuts and have enough time on your hands, you (probably) can build your ultimate 90's fps game.
  12. This already is sort of built into GZDoom in the console by typing listmaps and then warping to the map you want. I can see this filling a very specific niche for a few users. It's still a nice idea nonetheless!
  13. Make a small window right next to the door for the player to peek through. Can also be something like a brick wall with some missing bricks.
  14. thiccyosh

    So, imagine yourself in this scenario...

    What you've just described is called "Playtesting".