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  1. hello can u plz tell me why on my map the stupid ass teleporters wont work??? if u wouldnt mind they all have tags and sector tagsDeafhorse.zip

  2. hello again suprise i have a chrismas gift for ya my eariler maps i made 


  3. hey bridgeburner quick question from me the beginer builder too u an advanced pro

    i alwase get to some irratating part in my maps which arnt that great where something just stops working im gonna ask you for your advice and send you the map i did and why the hell cant i progress as i try harder everytime???? im a bit frustrated but just when u got the time check out and maybe coach me on  a few pointers plz  ,,ur great ....Spidermanfinal.zip

  4. sorry i snt wrong file omg so sorry that had ta be a mess


  5. id just love for u to tell me where im wrong in making this map 

    i cant seem to find any support hell id thank u be easy im a beginner at itimage.png.e8fbf82040951476875884b574de1962.png

    1. Jacek Bourne

      Jacek Bourne

      What about the map do you think is wrong?

    2. Buzter77777


      im not sure

  6. id just love for u to tell me where im wrong in making this map 

    i cant seem to find any support hell id buy u a coffee too image.png.e8fbf82040951476875884b574de1962.png

  7. hey there uv i got a quick question i kept on getting an annoying error and i just was wanting to know if i may use your just new weapons from god complex without cf somehow ?? 

  8. convert this midi file from53819-movies-spiderman.zip zip to mp3 rename and u can hear the theme music

  9. hey there cool run this morning heres what the map looks like so farimage.png.ab308882df993d10b697cd98d3946b0e.png

  10. whats rc1? send me a clip of u playing it plz

  11. Buzter77777


  12. Buzter77777

    web browser

    does anyone ever think im tired of web browsers,,,, and i want a doom web browser,,, can someone please support this idea and make one