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  1. I'm glad you're reviewing past maps, because that is a very important, but also VERY late addition. Luckily, I made my map with multiplayer in mind, but I'm not sure if you can even do that for other maps. Mine certainly gets extremely cramped at times, and it's a good thing that it's so open-ended, because otherwise that'd be a slog to play through with up to 3 other people. Since you're also going to revise "Song Only", I'd recommend leaving that bit about co-op out. Heck, maybe even the rule about all three difficulties will be impossible to enforce for that one, unless several maps were remade from the ground up. At this point, you kinda really have to take what you can get, at least with that project. Seems like people put more effort into their maps for this one, so maybe it'll be easier here.
  2. GermanPeter

    MORE Wolfenstein 3D Graphics in Doom (and Vice-Versa)

    Oops, yeah, I mixed them up. My bad.
  3. GermanPeter

    MORE Wolfenstein 3D Graphics in Doom (and Vice-Versa)

    I figured the same, since that frame looks VERY out of place compared to the other ones in Doom. It's as if they only had the last two frames, thought "Hm, this looks a bit weird" and added the SNES one to the start. OR they began with the SNES one and added the others afterwards.
  4. GermanPeter

    MORE Wolfenstein 3D Graphics in Doom (and Vice-Versa)

    I thought about it and they look extremely similar, but I'm pretty sure it's based off of a real drawing. Then again, so could Doomguy be.
  5. This is part 2 to a video I've made the other day about sprites, textures and sounds from Wolfenstein 3D that made their way into Doom, and vice-versa! Would really love to hear what you guys think! Please also let me know if I missed anything, I really hope not :D
  6. Also, what about Doom 2 in Song Only, does that mean that project is dead, or..?
  7. It's all good. I was mainly worried that you were someone that took criticism personally, which for you, as a creator, would be a terrible thing. My criticism also would have been more appropriate wasn't the map already submitted and accepted almost a year ago, but that was an issue with the project itself. I'll also say that I could have and probably should have been a bit less harsh with my words in general. That being said, I don't think we need to bring up everything again, so let's leave it at that. Aside from that, I didn't feel I was being disrespected, at least in this project, so I don't really see why I'd need a public apology like that? I wasn't even aware that Johnny had been rude towards other people, since I didn't join the Discord or anything. @DoomGappy
  8. I don't really have strong feelings towards the texture (I mean why would I), but I think for the future, it'd be better to decide from the start whether or not custom textures like that are allowed. Feels weird doing it so late, because someone MIGHT have made a map differently if they had known they could have used it. I doubt it, but that's what rules are for. I don't think we need more discussions on the direction this project has taken :P
  9. It's a neat addition, just felt it was a bit out of place for the project's theme (as it's not about beta restoration). But it's just one texture and this is also not my project, so it doesn't matter.
  10. GermanPeter

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Invisibility isn't a bad powerup at all. If used effectively (i.e. against large groups of hitscanners and especially the Spider-Mastermind), it's incredibly good. I feel like people hate on it so much because projectile-based enemies are way too prioritized in WADs, so it doesn't ever get the chance to really shine. Kinda goes together with the "hitscan is good, actually"-opinion of mine. If done right, both work extremely well together. Also, the chainsaw is incredibly good, but is barely ever utilized well. Another item that people hate on but have never actually given a fair chance. I'd say it's far better more versatile than Berserk is, honestly. You can chainsaw a whole bunch of enemies very effectively while saving on ammo. It's not just for sawing Pinkies in vents. Oh, and I haven't seen many examples of people using the Lite Amp Visor well either. You can so easily hide secret passages or enemies in the dark that only get revealed with it.
  11. GermanPeter

    Favorite Doom YouTuber?

    Decino, of course, but also Shallow! Really love his super laid-back style of playing through WADs. I sometimes put them on in the background while working on other stuff.
  12. Aw, goddamnit, you post this just as I'm burnt out on making custom Doom maps. I'd love to have joined a month or so ago. Oh well. Very excited to see everyone's submissions, though! Edit: Nevermind, all the maps I wanted to pick are taken anyway.
  13. I was really hoping that, because just taking a screenshot of the dioramas would be such a waste of details!