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  1. SMG_Man

    Any tips for creating a slow/horror map?

    Sorry, I normally try not to be pedantic, but I would like to clear up that UDMF stands for "universal doom map format", not "ultimate doom map format". It was intended to be a map format standard compatible across modern sourceports (it was made with input from several developers across different sourceports after all). Now, whether it's truly "universal" in the end is a different story. In any case, it's not a map format that's like specific to Ultimate Doom or anything lol.
  2. SMG_Man

    What's the Translation string for blue?

    This is Doom and Doom 2's palette. Changing the doomguy's color for example would normally be done with a string like "112:127=176:191", replacing the range of vivid greens in the palette with the range of vivid reds. This works very nicely since all the colors are already inside the existing palette. For that shade of blue above however, it does not exist within Doom's palette. Worry not, (G)ZDoom can still be given a translation string that will accomplish the effect based on the RGB values of the desired colors. So if this is for doomguy's sprite, and you're replacing the vivid greens from the palette, the first half of the string will be the same: 112:127. You'll need the exact RGB values for your blue though, which (in spite of the displayed values in the menu up there) would seem to be [60,93,220] at its brightest, and [0,0,0] at its darkest. Therefore your translation string should be "112:127=[60,93,220]:[0,0,0]". Let me know if this doesn't work and I'll try looking into it more deeply.
  3. SMG_Man

    Post your Doom textures!

    using Slade for palettized recoloring is pretty easy. Some image editors (photoshop, corel painter, maybe GIMP) will also let you choose only part of the color spectrum to adjust, instead of shifting the hue of everything.
  4. SMG_Man

    Gravity of Phobos and Deimos

    this actually comes up in the (definitely non-canon) doom novels from the 90s. The explanation they went with was that there were artificial gravity zones already on the moons when the UAC went there, and that the bases were constructed around them. Same thing with the teleporters and the Gates connecting Phobos and Deimos; they weren't human-made, just incorporated into the overall design of the bases.
  5. SMG_Man

    Why doom for playstation 1 sounds like doom 64?

    think my eye just twitched there
  6. SMG_Man

    Things about Doom you still don't understand

    Ah, so that's the thing; if you follow that guide to the letter, there shouldn't even be a flat bleed or HOM effect when your door is opening. Check out here, I used the BSP method from that tutorial in my recreation of TNT MAP21:
  7. Finished my recollection of MAP21. Difficulty settings and coop are implemented, no deathmatch starts. edit: Did a run without secrets and adjusted the difficulty of a few things as a result (mainly the yellow key area and a few co-op encounters) bitcoin_mining_center_revised.zip Compare and contrast (original on the left, mine on the right): Enemy counts seem fairly similar on UV, but I ended up with an extra secret somewhere. If it seems like there's not much health, trust me; that's what the original feels like as well lol. I'm not sure if it's reasonable or even possible to UV-MAX this level as it is, but it's certainly winnable with 80-90% of kills on UV. Maybe through clever use of some monster infighting near the end.
  8. SMG_Man

    Things about Doom you still don't understand

    For me, following this tutorial was pretty easy to understand and worked perfectly. If you've already looked at this one and still don't get it, let me know and I can try either making a more step by step post or commentated video about it. It's a very neat effect to have in your maps. (Note: from my testing, using this method to make transparent doors works like a charm in Chocolate and Crispy Doom. In GZDoom, the effect works in Hardware-accelerated mode, but breaks when using either the Doom or True-color Software Render.)
  9. SMG_Man

    Noclip Powerup?

    There are a few ways it could probably be accomplished in GZDoom: • ZSCRIPT (can't really elaborate here since I don't really know the limits of zscript that well) • Using an ACS script to toggle Noclip for the player temporarily • Using a Morph-type powerup that changes the player into a playerclass that has the NOCLIP flag set temporarily • Modifying select map geometry via a script so that the player can pass through it while the "powerup" is active (The most tedious to set up, but on the other hand it's almost certainly the safest way to implement such a powerup)
  10. It's getting there. Hopefully will have it done by the end of the week edit: Nearly finished with the main building now, so all that's really left is uh yeah, just gonna finish it over the weekend lol
  11. Got the main area blocked out for map 21. idk if this is gonna be big enough for all the stuff there lol
  12. SMG_Man

    Silly question about level names not being shown

    If I'm not mistaken, the automap names of each level in Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom are all hard-coded into each game's executable. Therefore if you're only opening a replacement WAD file, there can be replacement graphics for the level names in the intermission screens, but not for the automap name since that's not actually stored anywhere in the WAD. DeHackEd allowed for modifying the executable, which (among other things) allowed changing the automap names, but this information was stored in a separate file and not the WAD itself. Nowadays most modern source ports do allow this info to be stored directly in the WAD file via UMAPINFO or similar lumps, but these didn't exist back in the day.
  13. I cannot find an ACS function on the ZDoom wiki to alter the brightness of only the floor or ceiling of a sector, so this is probably how I would achieve the effect you're looking for: lighting hack example.zip There is a script attached to the BFG9000 that runs when you successfully pick it up. What it does is A) lower the bars on the window, and B) increase the brightness of the "shadow" that the bars were casting until it is gone. In-game the effect is convincing enough, but if you open it up in UDB you'll see why I consider it a crude hack, since it's exploiting the way GZDoom handles rendering sunken floors/ceilings that are surrounded by sides with missing textures. quick edit: If you're really averse to scripting, you can have two separate line triggers near each other, one with the floor lowering/ceiling raise action you want, and the other with the action "113: Light Fade".
  14. @Engired do I have the OK to work on map 21 then?
  15. I would suggest looking around the zdoom forums for things like this. It'll be a lot easier to find people working with ZSCRIPT there compared to here on Doomworld.