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  1. SSWolfenSie

    [Showcase] The Tower Of Suffering

    O_O Woah. Btw, what about tnt4? :/
  2. SSWolfenSie

    Wads that make good use of the Icon of Sin

    Biowar, Kama sutra and Dwforums 3 does it.
  3. SSWolfenSie

    Update Screen shots Genetic Disaster

    Looks amazing, as always. Make a map for zdoom!
  4. SSWolfenSie

    [KDiZD] Community Information Thread

    OMG KDiZD lives!
  5. SSWolfenSie

    It is done =D

  6. SSWolfenSie

    New level: Kappa Base

  7. SSWolfenSie

    New level: Kappa Base

    Uhh, the link is broken O.O
  8. SSWolfenSie

    Death Tormention 3 Screenshots

    Looks amazing. Can't wait :D
  9. Yey, more Alando wads :D
  10. SSWolfenSie

    Pointless wads...

  11. SSWolfenSie

    Updated screens: Total Control

    This looks amazing so far. Btw, I didn't see the Toxin Refinery map dl at the Newstuff.
  12. SSWolfenSie

    Monster-heavy wads

    I gave a link to it. And it has over 2300 monsters, not 1000 :P
  13. SSWolfenSie

    Monster-heavy wads

    The spire is a great wad also, it has over 2300 monsters. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=13275
  14. SSWolfenSie

    megawad in progress (One Against Hell)

    Looks sweet, Skulltag SP Megawad will be great.