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  1. Leostales

    Doom Maps That Take the Form of an Epic Journey

    That's a whole lot of recommendations! That should keep me busy for quite awhile. Thanks guys!
  2. Leostales

    Doom Maps That Take the Form of an Epic Journey

    007Itsd? Is that a James Bond wad?
  3. Leostales

    Doom Maps That Take the Form of an Epic Journey

    I checked it out. Not quite the kind of wad I enjoy, but your recommendation is appreciated! I've been checking it out and it works very well with some Star Wars mods I have. I found the first map to be relatively clunky though
  4. After replaying Ashes 2063, I'm looking for Doom wadpacks/maps that have a similar feel - playing as an individual on an epic odyssey, fighting their way to a specific goal. - The Adventures of Square - Ashes 2063 (The first two maps are more of a cold open) - Ashes 2063: Dead Man Walking - Interstellar Enforcer - Psychophobia (Been awhile, but I remember feeling like the first few maps told a story about a man escaped, fighting his way through bigger and bigger bases) Are all maps that had the feel I'm looking for. Know anything like them?
  5. Leostales


    This looks like it could be pretty cool. Looking forward to the full version
  6. Leostales

    How to Play Extermination Day?

    Thanks for answering my questions. Now I can sleep at night! :)
  7. Leostales

    How to Play Extermination Day?

    So Mark hasn't released the final version? Is he planning on finishing Eday or is Brutal Fate his main focus?
  8. Leostales

    How to Play Extermination Day?

    I've been wanting to play the Extermination Day mod for a long time, but there seems to be a lot of conflicting information about where to download it. Has it even been officially released or are all the different versions I see floating around based on alpha/beta versions? Thanks in advance for any help
  9. Leostales

    What are the best custom wads of all time?

    Do Ashes 2063, Blade of Agony, or Psychophobia count as wads? They're some of my favorites. As far as "normal" wads go, Armadosia and Reverie were pretty damn cool. Crapi has so much going for it, but it's so glitchy and the fact that it doesn't remember your progress if you return to a previous map makes the non-linear map system a lot less fun. Its also really easy to get stuck for hours, especially since no one's made a proper walkthrough of it yet.