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  1. stressful

    DOOM3 got scary from times to times. Ambient sound was very well done. it added a lot to the atmosphere. i found that I can spot the imp spawing behind me by listenning to spawning sound. I found spawning is less irratiting than before.
  2. Your honest opinion required...

    The game was very good. it has some flawed.but that was because it`s design decision.I wish it would be a little bit fast paced. I really enjoy some levels in late game, which there are lots of demon to kill. The atmosphere was excellent.good job id. The remake of doom monsters was great. if you are FPS fan who enjoyed run and gun (and cool scifi /hellish setting), you will certainly enjoy this game.
  3. Doom 3 Has Gone Gold

    Ha what a co-incidence with DSM. I was away from internet and came back to find this good news!!! well i`m probably the same as exicited as everyone else be.since the first .plan from Carmack in 2000.I was looking forword to this game. abd now it`s done.and i hope it would live up to our expectation.It`s been a while that i haven`t play any game.Now it`s time to go to hell!!
  4. about shadows

    It will be If the monster can grap your feet,and you can look down ,see your feet and shoot at monster`s arm
  5. DOOM 3 @ QuakeCon?

    This is good news.Finally we can hear about the actual gameplay.
  6. What's this?

    if my memmory is correct,that pic was draw by one of epic (or digital extreme?) artist.
  7. Back into the cycle of no info

    No info?That`s not big deal.Quakecon is coming anyways.
  8. Am I a fanboy for defending Doom 3 on another board?

    It is better to ignore DOOM3 flame post and do something else.
  9. New PC Gamer Info

    I do think that it`s probalby technical problem.maybe today`s computer cannot handle enough more than 4 players MP.(just my opinion)
  10. New PC Gamer Info

    In the case of DOOM3,they focused on SP.and if they said like that,they really mean it.Remember Quake3?They did said about bringing ultimate DM experience.they really did it and totally negate the SP part.this can be *predicted* in the case of DOOM3 as well.It`s just assumption.so it might be wrong somehow. Free download = more game sold.Not everyone is fond of SP gaming and won`t pick up Doom3.If MP is made free for download,they would love to pay for a DOOM3 copy more than a copy+Expansion.Free download will be good for id in long run.
  11. No gibs, No mutilation?

    I like the soud effect of gibbage in DOOM.that made it much more satisfying than Quake`s.
  12. New PC Gamer Info

    id is small company.It`s hard to both focus on MP and SP. I do hope they should release MP add-on for free.MP add-on for free=more copies sold.
  13. DOOM 3 video shown @ E3

    Do the imp attack the pinky at 2:34?
  14. DOOM 3 video shown @ E3

    /watch video Faith regained Wow,that was impressive.The game really looks better in motion . Can`t wait.
  15. simple question...

    sure,why not?