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  1. mecha_whit_gun

    React to any pfp you like

    mine is : generic just a robot three head dragon
  2. mecha_whit_gun

    I want advice on what to do with this old PC

    if it works mess whit it and have fun cousing chaos :) (download viruses and go to bad internet pages)
  3. mecha_whit_gun

    Dark Chocolate VS Milk Chocolate

    i like milk chocolate alone but if i do hot chocolate i like using dark
  4. mecha_whit_gun

    Most recent game you finished?

    Doom Eternal , i have finished the main campaign , got all of the collectibles and i'm going for the no upgrades chalenge right now i have beat Super Gore Nest. Oh and just to say in the italian translation it is 'super nido di sangue' wich in english is 'super blood nest'.
  5. mecha_whit_gun

    Nintendo are being jerks again

    I find funny how Doctor Amigo still exist while using the Mario ip to make money and nintendo didn't do anything but if a big enough Mario fan-game exist they use copyright claims to put it down. If you didn't know Doctor Amigo is a spanish clinic that as been using Doctor Mario as a mascot even owning a Doctor Mario suit used publicly and that asn't been provided by nintendo , recently they have changed the mascot and it is not Doctor Mario now but they still own the suite and it is still used publicly .
  6. mecha_whit_gun

    web browser

    it is a cool idea not going to lie , if you want you can customize google chrome , opera GX and oder chromium based browsers by downloading some extensions or using the pre-instaled themes .
  7. mecha_whit_gun

    What is your favorite classic Doom Game?

    i think the ultimate doom and doom 2 are good in they're own ways but if i had to chose one i say the ultimate doom is my favorite for being more simple fun than doom 2 , i like the chose of episodes too so if you are bored of allways replaying the same levels in the same orders you can go and load in another episode.