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  1. EdgyBluOCFan

    I made some music

    Alright, I'm making a map pack and these are pretty sweet, ill make certain its credited somehow
  2. EdgyBluOCFan


    I recently re-made my pc and I tried to reconfigure the path to the doom IWADS in my GZdoom directory and it didn't work! it would not detect them despite the fact they were there. I found them in doom eternal's files so I swear I didn't pirate them. I cant for the life for me figure out how to get it to work however I do know that I have had this problem before I just don't remember and I know i figured it out myself and already consulted old zandronum pages. I have yet to find an answer to them. PLEASE IVE TRIED EVERYTHING OBVIOUS AND QUITE A LOT OF CRACKPOT SHIT INCLUDING SUROUNDING MY COMPUTER WITH SALT, DOWLOADING SFM, AND THEN REMOVING IT FROM MY STEAM ACCOUNT AS A SACCRIFICE TO GABEN