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  1. Doomdaddie-BURZUM

    Coop game with a given number of lifes?

    Thx a lot for your replies! No time limit. Just 2 lifes (for example) and afterwards, you have to watch the others...
  2. Doomdaddie-BURZUM

    Coop game with a given number of lifes?

    Hey guys, is it possible using another port than Zandronum to play coop with a given number of lifes? We are using the Zandronum "survival mode" for many years as we think, it is much more interesting than just coop- die and respawn! You have some kind of survival nights with a respawn time after death or something like that in Zdeamon? If a similar topic or thread already exists feel free to move it where it belongs, I am new to this forum. Thx in advance -Burzum
  3. Doomdaddie-BURZUM

    Abandon - Beta is here!

    Hey guys, thx for your answers, very appreciated. If we are talking about some small inescapable pits that can bee seen, okay. I personally play Doom to die because of the rocket of a cyberdemon and not melting in a small pot of lava.... hey, it's okay. But if we take map 2 - gorgeous outside areas with tricky "jumpmaze-like" sections and not even one teleport in the lava!!!?? Same in Map 6, after your fall down behind the cyberdemons. Nothing. I am of the opinion it will not piss any Singleplayer off, if you set a teleport in the lava area of that section. Correct me, if I am wrong. If one falls down - lesson learned. You can even place it far enough that it get's difficult to reach. But please place it somewhere.... This would be an huge advantage for the coop comunity! Otherwise it's just frustrating and not interesting for people playing with a given number of lifes, let me tell you that. That's such a pitty!
  4. Doomdaddie-BURZUM

    Abandon - Beta is here!

    Hey guys, just a bit of feedback from our side. I play all the wads in coop-survival mode, usually 2 lifes or less (with my clan: DD- DOOMDADDIES, old clan from Skulltag-times). This maps look so damn good but we really had problems and could not continue playing it. Map 1 - works perfectly fine! Map 2- not even 1(!!) teleport to be found in the lava? Seriously?? For people playing with save/load option or just coop with infinity spawns - okay, no problem. But why would I spend so many hours building this beautiful architecture and put not even 1 teleport into an area, where -of course- one will fall into the lava? That was so disappointing that we had to skip this map. A pity! And so on, and so on. The maps seem to run stable under Zandronum, even if hordes of monsters appear. It's not that difficult, to change some simple details of a map to be coop-friendly. Example: a trap: a wall closes and the player founds himself with a lot of monsters. In this case it's enough just to put 1 teleport outside that wall, allowing the other players to enter the room. Or myself, after I died. Now we had to cheat (wallclip) into that room. This experience was so disappointing that we did not continue to play this so gorgeous looking wad. Am I the only person with that opinion? I really would love to play those levels...