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  1. Blitzy

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Does this mean that Unity is a wrapper of some sort and that it is using some software renderer port underneath still?
  2. Blitzy

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Wow, this really is a Unity version of DOOM. I am flabbergasted. It explains why certain things like the movement physics seem off, as well as the tremendous file size (350mb+). I am very disappointed with this revelation.
  3. Blitzy

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    I can't get over how slow it feels to move. Did they modify the movement speed? I did side by side of certain actions like firing guns and opening doors at the same time on switch and on PC and they seem to be in sync on those aspects. But it still feels so sluggish. On a brighter note, Panic Button did the Doom 3 port which is great. Played about 40 minutes of that and is exactly as it should be.
  4. Blitzy

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Is it just me or does it run... slowly? I don't mean from a performance/framerate aspect. I mean it's like the game is slowed down in actual play speed from vanilla doom. I can hear it in the music playback and the gameplay just feels slower than normal.
  5. Blitzy

    UV Continuous Play vs HMP All Pistol Start

    I recently played what I think is an example of designed for continuous play. There were a couple maps in Eternity (Serenity II) that I thought were basically impossible with pistol-start. However, I made it through to the start of the last level. In some cases I did this by having to dodge and not kill some monsters in order to either conserve ammo or because I didn't have enough anyway. Up until the last level I thought 'wow this is a really challenging map set with pistol start'. Then I attempted the last level, over and over again, and came to the realization that I think this set was designed for continuous play. There were just too many high powered monsters and no guns or ammo for this last level to be played from a pistol start. I dunno if it's an affect of being a very early episode wad from '94, but it has given me some pause before jumping into a map set doing pistol starts. Although reading through some of the comments in this thread already, pistol start compatibility is perhaps more common than my experience was with some of these early 90s wads? Obviously it's much easier as a level designer to create and balance for a pistol start since that's generally how you play it as you build and test a level in an editor.
  6. Has anyone here tried compiling SLADE for Mac using Homebrew as documented here? http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=wiki&wikipage=Installation-on-OS-X-using-Homebrew I'm having trouble getting passed the `brew tap` step and get an error saying there was a syntax error in the formula. Sigh I've had such terrible luck getting SLADE to work on mac, and it's the only modern editor to really say it's supported (aside from Eureka which is not particularly modern). I can Bootcamp into Windows and use SLADE or GZDoom Builder there but it's definitely not preferred. Update: I've recently discovered that Dark mode in Mojave was causing a lot of my issues with SLADE. Going back to light mode at least makes 3.1.3 usable on Mac. This makes me happier. Although it would be nice to get the latest point release, i saw that @sirjuddington may have issues with his own Mac machine that's causing official binaries to lag behind which leaves it to someone else to compile them and release it. The homebrew method should technically work but I've attached what i get when i try to run the `brew tap` command.
  7. Blitzy

    DOOM Retro v2.9.3 (updated June 1, 2019)

    I've been using Doom Retro (as included in Delta Touch on Android) for a couple weeks now and I just love it. I love the little tweaks you've made while keeping the vanilla look and feel, which is important to me. Gotta keep Doom crunchy! I love that I can use to to play nearly anything that isn't a straight up Zdoom only map. I also love the handy -pistolstart CMD. No need for a mod or manual map loading to achieve a good ole pistol start. I hope that a macOS binary gets thrown into the mix at some point soon. I'd love to use it when I find myself playing on my MacBook. Thanks for the fantastic port 🙂
  8. Blitzy

    How you play DOOM

    These days is play on my mobile phone with Delta Touch, which packages a number of different source ports together (GZDoom, Zandronum, Prboom+, Chocolate Doom, Doom Retro). I've really taken to using Doom Retro if the maps are vanilla/boom compatible. I love it's adherence to vanilla while throwing in a few extras like moving liquid sectors, blood drops, etc. It makes Doom feel nice and crunchy while still feeling fast, smooth, and responsive. I'll use GZDoom if the mapset has modern requirements like ACS, slopes, dynamic lighting, etc. Although I tend to prefer mapsets that do not try to do a huge amount of fancy modern stuff. If I play on my laptop (MacBook) I use GZDoom as it tends to play the nicest with macOS.
  9. Blitzy

    Delta Touch on Android

    Oh cool, I didn't realize you had your stuff public. Yeah I dunno what it is exactly but that pointer history comparison you have in the alternate pointer code portion seems to have been what solved the issue I was having. It's not perfect, if I move the look pointer really really slowly it doesn't like to register until I've moved it over some threshold distance and then the camera view will snap the rotation using the full travel distance of the pointer. This only seems to be the case with the right trackpad however, as the movement trackpad takes subtle pointer movements just fine. In practice, I don't really play Doom with extremely subtle finger movements so it's a non-issue for this particular game. I was just playing around trying to stress test the input to make sure it didnt end up ignoring some of my touches like in the default mode, and was just something I noticed that was unique to the alternate touch mode.
  10. Blitzy

    Delta Touch on Android

    Yeah I discovered the ability to resize the pads as well when trying to debug the input interrupt issue I was having. I actually have them both taking up the the full half of each side of screen so that there isn't a drop-off zone that I'll accidentally hit. I know its a weirdly specific question that only one guy could answer haha. I guess I'm just curious from a software developer perspective as I work as one myself during the day. I do a lot of work with mobile devices too and was just curious what the circumstances were that warranted the needed alternative approach to the touch code in order to get around some weird issue. I just find that kind of stuff interesting 🤔 😉
  11. Blitzy

    Delta Touch on Android

    Does anyone know exactly what the "use alternative touch code (may fix touch screen issues)" option changes? @beloko I've been playing a lot of Doom using Delta Touch on my Moto X4 and started noticing that a lot of my touch inputs would go ignored by DT, usually the area for look rotation. I'd have to pick my finger back up and reapply it to the screen for DT to register the look movement again. I looked through the settings and found this option and turned it on. So far it fixed my issues with inputs sometimes being ignored and overall feels much more responsive. Im just curious what this option does to change the touch behaviour and if it's in there because of different hardware configurations (like my Moto X4 I guess?)
  12. Blitzy

    What's your playing style?

    UV always, even if it breaks my soul. I've recently started doing pistol start. (I've been playing lots of wads from the early days). I appreciate the -pistolstart command in Doom Retro, that makes this task brain dead. I've been really enjoying the more tactical nature to combat when I have to start each level with the basics and use the resources the level designer intended I have access too. After 20+ years of Dooming, I'm surprised it never occurred to me to play like this before.
  13. Blitzy

    Delta Touch on Android

    I love Delta Touch. It has taken me awhile to get used to playing Doom with touch controls after playing with mouse and keyboard for 20 years, but I've started to get more accilmated, to the point that I'm starting to feel pretty confident in some of my twitch shooting abilities with just my thumbs gliding on glass. I love using Doom Retro in it. Right now im on a kick of playing through older wads from the 90s. Enjoying some old school gritty Dooming on my mid-tier but trusty Android phone is great. It wasn't until I became a Dad a few years ago that I truly started to appreciate handheld gaming. It's very difficult to sit in front of a laptop or desktop when you need to be up at a moment's notice. Being able to click the power button and put my phone (and Doom session) into sleep mode and go do what I need to do is really a requirement for me now. I'm thankful that Delta Touch is so good at capturing the modern Doom experience on a mobile device. It allows me access to my desert island game of choice olong with the countless community efforts that expand it 😁
  14. Blitzy

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    [Duplicate Post]
  15. Blitzy

    Ever get sick of Doom?

    As stated before, the fact that there are a gagillion (almost literally) user WADs out there is what keeps DOOM alive for me. I've always thought that if making levels for other more modern games was as easy as it is for DOOM, imagine how long there life spans would be. But then again, DOOM is in a great niche for longevity. The levels really don't even need to look realistic, they just need to play well. You don't need to worry about lighting, graphical fidelity, etc. In other words you can color outside of the lines and still have a fantastic piece of artwork. That is just not possible with other games. It's funny that getting sick of DOOM has been brought up though. Sometime ill catch myself as I'm playing yet another user made WAD and wonder to myself: "Why the hell am I not getting sick of this damn game? It's just so one leveled, there is virtually no depth to this game at all..." but then ill continue blasting through everything and beating level, after level, after level and constantly come back for even more of the same blasting. It's truly astounding to me sometimes haha. I think its also interesting to see how as years go on, levels have gotten ridiculously harder then id's original WADs. We as Doomers have gotten so adept at this game that we can literally count the number of shots it takes to kill any kind of enemy with any kind of weapon. We know the amount of damage each monster does, we know every single little crevice of this game inside and out that to be challenging we have to throw 40 arch-vile's at each other to be killed. Now that's not be literal or anything but you get my point. But when we all first started out, we freaked at the sign of an Imp or Pinky, but nowadays there just great shotgun fodder.