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  1. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    Crazy Weapon Ideas?

    Compact-disks: cutting demons on halfes keg with beer: very loud explosion
  2. Фильм мне хоть и не понравился, но при этом, такой вариант я считаю неплохим :)
  3. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    How fast did you finish E1M1?

    9 seconds. World record is a 6 seconds
  4. In Russian, you can say "Большое Финишное Глушило 9000" :D
  5. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    10 years later, I can't believe how active this community still is

    I agree, Doom is already 28 years, but his community is very active. This is really amazing!
  6. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    Doom 3 in Doom 2?

    Darkstar Darkmoon Cool maps in Doom 3 style
  7. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    MAPINFO not working in Slade

    Thanks! :D
  8. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    A sandpit - GZDoom map for Your weekend pleasure

    Dude, nice map!
  9. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Very beautyful!
  10. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    ZDoom features are cool!
  11. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    NaNoWADMo 2021 - The month-long mapping challenge! (it begins!)

    Some dynamic lights for good look
  12. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    The Doom backpack sprite looks like a dog face

    Haha, really :D This is it can be clearly seen on your profile picture
  13. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    Most/Least used Monsters?

    Former humans, sergeants and imps. Like in Knee-Deep in the Dead!
  14. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Robo-cola, haha :D
  15. BetelgeuseSupergiant

    MAPINFO not working in Slade

    I need to create exittext for map, but if it contain more 1 line, map is not working. How to fix this?