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  1. Colossus

    Junkfood [Slaughter, Boom]

    doritos for everyone!
  2. Colossus

    [MBF21] MBOS

    Just played through this, certified good shit brother. I liked playing around inside of medis box.
  3. Colossus

    Ode 2 Dubzzz RC1

  4. I playtested this, it was a lot of fun and shaping up to be a really good wad. Give it a try and you wont be dissapointed.
  5. Yeah, the damaging sector wasn't intended. if whoever is compiling the wad would be down to change that, would be awesome.
  6. My map is supposed to follow right after meowgi's the ending and intros of each map syncs up, that was originally requested but might have gotten mixed up when project lead changed.
  7. I am so honored to be the second person to recommend this legendary wad:
  8. Colossus

    [April Fools]TNT: THREEVILUTION [32 Map Megawad]

    I am so honored to be the thirty fifth person to reply to this legendary thread
  9. Submission: diycolossus.zip My only request is that in the map order this map is directly after Meowgis map as they flow in together. Map Title: Neon Dream MIDI: "MACINTOSH PLUS 420" Difficulty implemented: Yes Co-op Spawns: Yes
  10. Colossus

    POOGERS.wad [Final release]

    He taught me how to meme too Congrats on everyone involved its been an amazing journey and to everyone who plays it, enjoy!
  11. As soon as I saw spendos wad I thought it would be cool to map in this format, count me in.
  12. Spendo.wad is very good shit brother! highly recommend this set it has a unique minimalist art style that I hope to see get used more often in other wads and gameplay that goes well with its theme.
  13. He helped me with the zero press too