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  1. Treehouseminis

    What are your creative crutches?

    It's a bug in how doom engine renders lines. If it's a super long line/wall, when moving it will look like the wall is moving too, its trying to calculate the position but since it's so long things get wonky. You can help avoid this by just placing more vertices on the lines, making the engine calculate smaller lines more accurately. I've made big ass rooms before and adding more vertices always helps with this visual bug.
  2. Treehouseminis

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    This screen isnt as dark lol
  3. Treehouseminis

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I got plans lol. Thanks for the variations!
  4. Treehouseminis

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    More moody marble. I love doing sector lighting.
  5. Yo dude, just checking out your PFP and that's a pretty sick Nurgle mini you got there (not as familiar with chaos, Motarion?), you got a page you post your stuff too at all.

    (Like an Instagram or anything?)

    1. Treehouseminis


       it's a 3rd party resin model. :) Supposed to be like a horus heresy version.  


      And yep I got my Instagram with the same screen name!  



    2. mrthejoshmon


      Aight, I'ma hit you with a follow boss. 

  6. Treehouseminis

    Mapping - how much of it is talent?

    I published my very first map lol. I do wanna do a house level, but cant decide if my childhood home would make a big enough level or not. As for the main topic, I think small part of it is talent, or very least practice in other forms. If you've dabble in any other art from, you'll have a decent idea of contrast, composition, and form. Your practice might not have been in the editor but most creative endeavors have overlapping concepts you might not realize it until you do various things. Ive been doing art my whole life, but In a few weeks It will be a full year for me mapping. It also helps UDB is easy to learn, but hard to master. So many shortcuts you learn over time to make things simpler.
  7. Treehouseminis

    Post your Doom textures!

    These are weird and glitchy and I love it. I found your pink recolor textures from this thread too.
  8. Treehouseminis

    Post your Doom textures!

    Do the ones with skulls need fixing?
  9. Treehouseminis

    Post your Doom textures!

    My current project theme is marble, so...I might use some of these beauties :)
  10. Treehouseminis

    What are your creative crutches?

    Oh any liquid FALL or liquid flat texture I've realised I use A LOT. I detail with those a ton turns out. Liquids on the ceiling is neat. Everything looks cool with blood slime or water in random spots
  11. Treehouseminis

    What are your creative crutches?

    I have definitely played levels that feel too busy in the detail department. I think everyone has a different threshold for it, I sometimes feel my levels aren't detailed enough but if I stare at the editor for a while and can't think of anything it must be detailed enough lol
  12. Treehouseminis

    MEAT MACHINE - Boom - 4 maps [IDgames]

    Felt like bumping this cuz it's finally on idgames! Thanks for all the feedback.
  13. Meat Machine is on idgames now :)

  14. Treehouseminis

    whats your favorite part of the like classic doom style?

    Ive been trying to do more lighting like this. I guess so far it's not as stark as the above example but playing with sector lighting is one of my favorite things to do. A ceiling light will have 3 or more sectors around it for lighting gradients, most of my maps start at 140 or a little higher to make it easier to brighten with stuff later. etc. I will try to play with extremes like above cuz you're right as it does look awesome.
  15. Treehouseminis

    What are your creative crutches?

    Does watching random let's plays of doom count? I get like half of my fight, or Layout ideas from watching people play doom. I never outright copy anything of course, but I take inspiration from stuff for sure.(like everyone really) I'll get good layout in my head, and even that doesn't turn out in the editor how I see it lol.