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  1. Treehouseminis

    [/idgames]A speed slaughtermap project: Capybara

    I'm using which after looking it up isnt the latest release anymore.
  2. Treehouseminis

    [/idgames]A speed slaughtermap project: Capybara

    No worries, I thought I'd comment on it since I believe the original post said boom compatible which is only slightly true lol. Still one of my fav releases this year
  3. Treehouseminis

    [/idgames]A speed slaughtermap project: Capybara

    Some of my favorite mapping styles here. Not completely finished with the wad yet but I had trouble running map17 in prboom+. I was at the exit of map16 and after the end stats screen the game crashed and I got a "ZDoom nodes not supported" type of error. I couldn't even start a new game and cycle through the maps using pagedn key, got the same error and crash going from 16 to 17. I am able to play them in GZDoom and that's what I'm doing now, I just always try to use prboom first cuz I prefer it. Not sure if it was a comp level issue on my part, i'm not sure. Kinda new to changing comps levels cuz I've never had to do it before.
  4. Treehouseminis

    Confused why I get performance issues with certain GZDOOM maps

    Oh hey you made both maps I mentioned. I wish I could enjoy them, they look amazing from what I've seen/been able to play. I made it to the rocket launcher arena in BoC, the 2nd wave with all the imps makes my pc cry. I've been meaning to upgrade my PC but money is tight for me right now. Would just a better CPU help at all? Since doom runs more on that? Or am I thinking about it wrong?
  5. Treehouseminis

    Confused why I get performance issues with certain GZDOOM maps

    Thanks for the detailed explanation! I guess it's time to upgrade my PC lol
  6. I've tried googling my question without much results. I know big maps with lots of monsters of screen can cause problems, but when I play something thats prBoom+ compatible I only get slight frame drops and nothing major. I've played Combat Shock, Sunlust, a few Sunder maps, Abandon and never had huge drops, a few stutters but nothing unplayable. But recently when I try to play maps made for GZDOOM, like Bastion of Chaos(i even got the low spec version) or The Slaugher Spectrum my frames go in the single digits and its unplayable. I've messed with the settings a lot, turning resolution down, turning a lot of lighting and other effects off, only getting a few frames out of it. I cant react fast enough when I'm getting 10fps on these hard maps. I've heard the doom engine is run mostly on the CPU, but I'm curious to why I'm getting such better performance on some maps than others, when it's similar in size and scope. Is GZdoom really that intense? Running GZDOOM ver 4.7.1 in open gl. I've tried other rendering options but this seems to be the best. My 6 year old pc specs: I5 4460 3.2ghz 16gb ram R9 290x
  7. Made a profile to just comment this is one of my favorite maps I've played in a while. Great job!