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  1. iface a problem that i want to import and replace some of the dooms graphics with custom graphics.For example,i want to replace the plasma rifle with a sniper rifle and to make it not to spit plasma bolts when the sniper rifle fires.How is it possible using the deep sea editor?Thanks in advance doomers
  2. fwank

    psx 1 final doom version..

    It's true that the pc version of final doom has more levels that the psx version hadn't.But i want to find this wad because provides few levels tht even the pc version lacks
  3. fwank

    Doomsday Quick Links

    This link is broken...
  4. fwank

    psx 1 final doom version..

    Does anyone knows where i can download the final doom wad file of PSX 1 version?This version has additional maps tht the pc version doesn't(heck,ballistyx...).Thanks in advance.Doom rules!!!!Doom never dies
  5. fwank

    Some DEH Shit

    I hope to answer to my question:Is it possible with the whacked2 to import custom graphics (replace the skin of a weapon with another),or i have to use a graphic editor?Thanks in advance
  6. fwank


    Which version of the dehacked editor do you propose?I already use the whacked2 editor,but i think that it has limited abilities...I think..
  7. fwank

    snipping in doom?...

    How is possible to use a sniper rifle with zooming feature(crosshair etc)?It something that i find interesting in my humble opinion.Ah, something important: because i'm newbie in zdoom editing, please give me detailed instructions,if that is possible of course...Thanks in advance anyway
  8. fwank

    Doom 2 levels

    My favourite levels:Suburbs,downtown,factory,barrels of fun(uv).I worship the barrels of fun
  9. fwank

    doomsday console?

    thanks a lot!U rule pal!
  10. hhmmm...I still remember my first encounter with this @#!&* .I can recall when i was stoned cold to his awe ,he doused me with acidic flames.I suddenly snap out of this an i started running like the forest Gamp.Alas,he got me,he hurled me like apollo 13 & he gave me a nasty slap of 50 points!If it wasn't enough,i cried uncle when i saw the ressurection of a caccodemon!!Of cource, in my condition ,i had the life expentacy of roll of toilet papper in public WCs...So anytime i come across him, i yell:Say hello to my little friend,BFG 2000(A.K.A. toasty).
  11. fwank

    Spiderdemon or Cyberdemon?

    It is a difficult decision to take...The cyb always strikes fear to me, his/its "battle cry" is deafening,He is cool as he stands to shoot barrage of rockets at u & the sound of his cybernetic feets stomping the ground haunts my dreams....In the other corner,the spidy kicks major ass with its super chaingun,it feeds u with the iron u need for your adequate nutrition...I like the concept:If it sees u, u r DEAD MEAT..It's a draw for me.Well done to the ID!
  12. fwank

    ZDoom 2.0.63 (custom monsters!)

    i agree,it lacks the 16 or the 32 bit pallete support,but it has potencial for improvement.Keep going!
  13. fwank

    doomsday console?

    thanks a lot pal!
  14. fwank

    doomsday console?

    Does anyone know the commands for the doomsday console?Where i can find a complete list with these?For example loading wad files,applying dehacked patches etc.any tip-advice will be appreceated.thanks in advance doomers :-)
  15. fwank

    using doosday...

    thank pal!i'll try this out at once