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  1. Henda929

    How do I make it through school.

    Just ignore it mate, I know that’s easy to say looking in but really do try. It’s a shame that it usually takes till early adulthood for you to stop caring so much what others think and say but once it does you wonder why you stressed over so much at school. Childhood goes so fast try best to enjoy it and not get too worked up over things. Sorry you going through this hope you reach a solution soon
  2. Henda929

    Favorite doom enemy?

    Always liked the Barron of hell the way it looks with the animal legs and torso like a big muscular humans and it’s projectile being green especially playing on the gz doom where they glow and light up corridors.
  3. Also loved e2m6 that many have mentioned still remember playing it for first time on pc after playing only the cut down console versions and being amazed at the new area especially the exit room trap not sure if it’s fovorite map of the lot to be fair I’d hate to pick a favourite but it’s one of my top ones for sure
  4. Henda929

    What´s your favorite (s) DOOM OFICIAL GAME?

    Ultimate doom closely followed by plutonia. Actually like all episodes of ultimate doom although episode one is favourite
  5. Henda929

    How much coke do you drink a day?

    I buy a 2 litre bottle pepsi max every day to drink at work and have maybe the odd few cans on top of that after work.
  6. Henda929

    Dad play(ed) Doom

    My dad played through it but I had to sit and tell him every way to go he never done a single level on his own haha I tried to get my son to play it and he did get quite far through but then lost interest and went back to his modern games
  7. Henda929

    What do you think of Doom 3?

    Didn’t play it till the BFg version on the Xbox but did like it mostly despite it feeling different to what expect from a doom game. Didn't and still don’t like monsters that teleport in as opposed to being there or that the corpses disappear and didn’t pay much attention to story and cant remember getting a single locker code haha but atmosphere was good and liked it
  8. Henda929

    What do you think about DOOM's Lore?

    Admittedly not the best at following story and lose interest too easily but doom eternal was just a mess, why all the fantasy shit? Is it even the same person from the first doom he seems not human anymore with superpowers. Don’t think even made it past first few lines of the bits we were expected to read
  9. Henda929

    Most recent game you finished?

    The last resident evil. Step son has whatever PlayStation number they up to now I forget and get to play on it when he stays out at his girlfriends house. It was ok loved the early village and castle bit
  10. Henda929

    What is your favorite classic Doom Game?

    Ultimate doom close followed by Plutonia. Can’t remain interested enough in doom 2 or tnt to play though all
  11. Never actually seen anything but several years back we were renting a house while I was getting ours ready to move in and the amount of strange noises gave a very uneasy feeling doors pushed too would creak open a few inches randomly, once lying in bed heard footsteps coming up the stairs, things that were stood up firmly would fall over. My daughter had a car for her dolls that had a radio in that had never ever worked properly so it must have been left switched on but early hours of morning it suddenly got a clear signal for first time ever as classical music started playing clear and loud enough to wake us up I remember being frozen with fear before getting up to investigate and realise what it was. my son was 7 at the time and he came in our room one night terrified saying he seen a lady’s face on top of wardrobe he was that scared he had clambered over his sister in her bed so he could get by without going near wardrobe. I used to dread night time for a while there but it calmed down considerably after a month or so but the feeling of unease never left hated getting up to use toilet in night as would never put light on to avoid disturbing anyone but always felt something there and always rushed back to bedroom with eyes shut haha it’s a different type of fear like nothing felt before with stuff like that