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  1. Drywtler

    Word Roulette!

    Brave Story (had to find it on MyAnimeList lol) Fruit
  2. Drywtler

    Game that everybody likes but you dislike

    True, but you could also say that's the intention. The first time is a bit of pain but as you play and replay you start to master the game, getting faster times, better scores, which gives you extra lives and continues. However if you are already that good at the game, the extra lives and continues become pretty useless... Maybe now with newer releases of the game (or community ports such as Sonic 3 AIR) which have widescreen support makes traversing its levels a bit easier. Now 3D sonic on the other hand... Never played any so I can't make an informed opinion, except for Unleashed (PS2 version) and it's ok. Music's goated, Sonic missions are fine but the Werehog missions are hit or miss, a bit lenghty but not as long as the PS3/360 ones. Back to topic, I suck at isometric/top-down RTSes. I played AoE2 with friends but I go at my own pace and I get tilted easily when a Scout Cavalry starts killing everyone on my settlement. I got quite far in the main campaign but never finished it. One time I tried playing League Of Legends at a gamer cybercafe and I felt overwhelmed by the ammount of stuff you can choose and equip for just one character. The fact that I didn't have a good pc at home to play it, and while I tried to play the tutorial the cybercafé's internet went down so I couldn't complete it factored in to never touch the game ever again. Thank god. A friend of mine is a Starcraft fan and tried to introduce me to it. I tried to play the OG a bit but with these prior experiences I just never continued And a game that never clicked with me: God of War (the original). Can't remember where I left it, it was entertaining but never completed it. I liked DMC more.
  3. Nos merecemos el dólar a 7000 pesos

  4. Drywtler

    What's your favorite color?

  5. Drywtler

    Is it possible to upload a video file to a doom map?

    You can use videos as cutscenes now
  6. Drywtler

    What's your favorite drink?

    Fernet + Coca-Cola. 70/20/10 is the ideal proportion (70% coke, 20% fernet, 10% ice) but I like it with a bit more fernet.
  7. Drywtler

    Next doom game won't have mick. Is doom, doomed!?

    Seems like you're taking this too seriously. People that plays and/or mods classic Doom will still do it regardless of the state of the franchise. Availability and ease of use of modding and map making tools is what made Doom eternal, not the lack of new entries. Doom 2016 and Eternal are there, you can play them if you want, you can acknowledge their existence if you want, so does Doom 64 and 3. It's cool that the franchise is still going on, but it's not the end of the world if Mick's not the music composer anymore. It's your choice if you want to engage with it or not, or as better put by Doom itself:
  8. Drywtler

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Lineart Kangaroo (and as soon as I type that I see you mention Wallaby in your rank, and your name is also composed of Wallaby)
  9. Drywtler


    PES games on PS2 are still patched up to this very day
  10. Drywtler

    Any Neocities users?

    Oh cool, didn't have to make a new topic myself. https://d56is.neocities.org/ just updated it today, after like 1 year of not touching it
  11. Updated my neocities site. I decided to make a Doom index page with the texture edits I've shown in the Post your doom textures! thread, maps I made, community projects I participated, and Very True Doom Facts (tm).

    The Doom page was the images page, which was intended for more than just Doom texture edits. I wanted to do something with the site since I haven't updated it in a year lol

  12. The normalest of all maps. I liked it.
  13. I use Doom Launcher so I have displayed and not displayed tags for my wads. I'll explain:
  14. Drywtler

    Is there a list of all the commercially tc

    https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Commercial_games#Unofficial_games_and_expansion_packs This one perhaps?
  15. Drywtler

    made an doom wad wanna check out?

    Quite cute for a beginner! But I'll give you some feedback. On the first map, there's no way of knowing that one of the two metal blocks surrounding the crate is actually a lift. I don't mind the "this wall is actually a door to a secret room" thing but at least make it more noticeable. I don't know if the crate texture behind is intentional, among many other flying textures I came across. Also, I don't know if it was a mistake but the exit button is just a wall, not a switch. Second map is rather stingy on ammunition. You could just run to the keys and get to the exit, but if you wan't to get 100% kills it becomes a chore with just your punches. Third map is the only map that needs jumping, and it doesn't have an exit. Even with the chaingun it lacks ammo to kill all the enemies. Now, it has been brought up to you before in previous posts, but please follow the guide below when posting new maps, and most importantly post them on the Wad Releases & Development sub-forum, not here, which is Doom General.