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  1. Piezo

    Etymology videos

    If you've been in IRC this afternoon you've probably seen me whine about not being able to find a couple of youtube videos. It was a professor discussing etymology in two ten minute videos and the links to them were posted somewhere (9_9) in these forums. All I remember is that they were posted about a year ago and I think it was in a thread discussing politics. Someone else mentioned that it was premise for the movie Brazil. The professor discusses how money is water because they're channeled by banks, then about ships, vessels, manifestation, berth, etc. If anyone has any idea what I'm rambling about your reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Piezo

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    The only exchange I ever remember having with his was telling him to hurry up and pass me the weed while no one was looking (this was in #NotZDoomRelated, and at the moment we were the only two there.) He was away so he didn't even see it as far as I know. That's about it. Nonetheless, this is very tragic.
  3. E2M5 of Blood. The house was very atmospheric.
  4. Piezo

    stuff you do when you're really bored

    Play my Gameboy Advance.
  5. Piezo

    Court rules no whistle-blower free-speech right

    What, classified stuff or just things they didn't want you discuss personally?
  6. I've been removing a lot of white heads from my forehead from some recent bacterial infection of some sort and I refer to the "core" of zits as "the worm." And I live in Florida. Thanks.
  7. I don't think I even read thirty seconds into that thread and I started to feel a tremendous headache coming on.
  8. ==_== I don't remember the Old Ones ever spreading some weird infections. Are we talking about the same Old Ones?
  9. Piezo

    please help me identify this sound clip

    http://origins.ytmnsfw.com/ you're welcome and I'm probably late Edit: yeah I am late
  10. Piezo

    Romulan cloaking technology found

    The only person who deserves cloaking technology is Frodo Baggins . . . and Doomguy of course.
  11. Piezo

    please help me identify this sound clip

    Tribute by Tenacious D probably. His buddy is Kyle Glass by the way.
  12. Piezo

    Why is jumping impossible for left straferunning?

    No, the keyboards were internally structured differently back then.
  13. Piezo

    Windows 98 has Alzheimer's

    Here's the autoexec.bat entries that I have: Rem TShoot: LH C:\xmsdsk\xmsdsk 262144 F: /t /y Rem TShoot: MD F:\TEMP Set tvdumpflags=8 As far as I know that's right. The problem may be related to other hardware such as the chipset (SiS 648) or the CPU since it seemed to be more stable with a 2.0AGHz Pentium 4, and now it's got a 2.8GHz.
  14. Piezo

    Record programs

    Like Bloodshedder just said, set the recording device to stereo mix or mono mix instead of microphone under the volume control panel.
  15. Piezo


    I just downloaded an IMF codec for Winamp and used that. It's really quiet however. I'm really more interested in getting the sound effects out of the game, but I can't find much to do it with. There's a DOS program that will access some of the sounds, but I can't get it to work, not even in Windows 98.