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  1. Nah I got other projects rn, but it looks cool. Good luck :)
  2. This is a really cool idea but please make the title background transparent it hurts my soul thx <3
  3. Ludi

    Help (semi-Urgent)

    urgent lol
  4. Ludi

    Afternoon demos [-complevel 9]

    This is why you're the best- as soon as I think I've optimized the route, you find some crazy new way!
  5. Ludi

    What are you?

    I was Lou Reed at one point, now I'm just a jackass.
  6. Ludi

    Afternoon demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP02 UVMAX in 1:44.57 aft02m144.zip Table fill my ass! This time was really hard to snatch from Maribo, haha. Roughly 80 attempts.
  7. Ludi

    Afternoon demos [-complevel 9]

    For the record, par times in Afternoon are our personal UVMAX records for our respective maps. Breaking them is an intended feature.
  8. Ludi

    Afternoon demos [-complevel 9]

    I'm so sorry for MAP01 Tyson in advance to anyone who wants to beat Maribo, those arachnotrons will be the death of you. Incredible 2 minutes!
  9. Ludi

    Post a picture of yourself!

    @LadyMistDragon you look great! I also got my eyebrows trimmed, Jesus fuck they were a lot
  10. Looks like I'm gonna be eating my own foot for doubting. Excellent news!
  11. Imma be deadass, I'm not really having that much fun with this. I'd give my slot to someone who actually enjoys this map. I also disagree with being able to look at the map for reference, it totally defeats the point of doing a map from memory. That's just my opinion though :p Good luck to whoever takes my slot!
  12. I'd be lying if i said this map was gonna turn out good, but it will turn out into something for sure. EDIT: This is Anti-Christ as made by someone who thinks Anti-Christ is just okay at best.
  13. Is there a deadline on this project, or is it just being played by ear at the moment?
  14. Ludi

    Favorite jumpscares

    This is more squeamish than scary, but this scene in Un Chien Andalou (1929) comes out of nowhere and is arguably more shocking than a dude going "BOO!" at the screen. CW: Razor in the eye