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  1. Sr_Ludicolo

    Blasphemer discussion

    I assume this should work in Chocolate Heretic, right?
  2. Sr_Ludicolo

    Is DSDArchive safe?

    If Bonzi Buddy gives you the okay, you take that at face value. Has an unnaturally colored ape ever lied to you?
  3. Sr_Ludicolo

    opinions on breaking bad & better call saul

    Yeah, especially season 5. The horrific events that happen (w/o spoilers) happen as a result of the actions of the characters throughout the whole series, so it's at just justified. I like Better Call Saul more personally. Y'all saying it's boring probably didn't watch past season one, I'd argue it has better character development with all the action of BB. Plus, BCS helps add context for why some characters (Saul, Mike, Gus, Hector, etc.) act the way they do, and ultimately makes BB even more compelling as a result.
  4. Sr_Ludicolo

    Blasphemer discussion

    Hey, do y'all need maps for this project? I'd be down to contribute provided I can get an idea of what resources are available
  5. Sr_Ludicolo

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Teaser for an MBF-compatible deathmatch wad I'm working on with @Korp <3
  6. Sr_Ludicolo

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I want a Dangerous Dave reboot. Did he, or did he not escape copyright infringement?
  7. Sr_Ludicolo

    What are you listening to?

    God, Half-Life's soundtrack goes so fucking hard
  8. Sr_Ludicolo

    GZDoom: Fallen District - looking for beta testers

    You did say it should work in any limit removing port. It in fact does not, so I recommend either editing the map or editing your first post on this thread.
  9. Sr_Ludicolo

    GZDoom: Fallen District - looking for beta testers

    This map doesn't work on -complevel 2. The SSG room towards the beginning has a linedef with an action that lowers the floor, with no tag. In limit removing ports, a linedef with tag 0 (no designated tag) will have its action apply to EVERY sector in a map, thus breaking it beyond repair. I won't comment on how fun the map is. I'd ask @Biodegradable for that one.
  10. Sr_Ludicolo

    Post your funny DALL-E (Craiyon.com) prompts!

    The sixth Spice Girl I will name her Babe Spice
  11. Sr_Ludicolo


    Hey all! I realized it had been too long since I publicly released anything. I feel the need to remedy that, haha. Limit removing ports will work just fine :) DOWNLOAD Music is Research from System Shock. Includes 2 custom demons and very minor weapon tweaks I am working on something big behind the scenes. If you know, you know.
  12. Sr_Ludicolo

    Pumping Station - short vanilla map

    This is pretty neat! I like the double rev ambush at the end. It really helped create a sense of finality, even if it was a cakewalk. Keep your chin up dude, this is good shit!
  13. Sr_Ludicolo

    WADs with Plutonia-esque combat

    The fact that Sunlust on HNTR is equivalent to Plutonia on UV just goes to show how intense that wad is. I love Sunlust btw, that's definitely a plus, not a minus.
  14. Sr_Ludicolo

    Pumping Station - short vanilla map

    I can test this when I get home Also, good music taste B)