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  1. Tashman

    Level of Detail in Deathmatch mapping

    thanks! other replies on the thread have been helpful as well. i'm thinking of releasing the wad in parts, before compiling it into a final megawad (get feedback on the first batch if you will, refine the second one, then move to the third one and get a final 32 map set finished and done. i'll definitely reveal it once i am good with the first set) map 1 has been a real stinker for fine tuning!
  2. I'm working on a themed Deathmatch Megawad currently as my main Doom related project, but i am really struggling on figuring out how to make it look good. i want to make something as pretty as possible but do not want to make it visually overloaded and clustered for deathmatch gameplay, i'm worried it's going to trend into being either to plain (aka different textured rooms and maybe some slightly fancy lighting) or visually overloaded. what's the best way to figure out that middleground? i really want to shoot for as good looking as possible.
  3. for sure soon. biggest thing is that i want to keep the map-packs theme a relative surprise before i put out a finished set. i won't say anything in particular but the deathmatch set is following a very specific theme for the mapset (think along the lines of how pirate doom commits to it's pirates & high seas aesthetic.) I don't think what i am doing has been done before.
  4. G'day, what are the core fundamental rules that designing the layout/item placement of a deathmatch map should try to follow? (Aka What to avoid at all costs, how a levels layout should aim to be, what makes a genuinely fun map.) Working on my first Doom project, a themed Deathmatch Megawad and looking to make sure all maps in it follow a core design ruleset that ensures they are as fun as possible. looking to compile all these suggestions/rules as things to follow and make sure my maps do & not do. want the most fun map design possible!