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  1. Zeg-Vok

    pk3 question

    I've been looking around and cant seem to find the answer to my problem. I'm trying to make a couple of Skulltag maps in DB, I downloaded the ST Editing package off its website and extracted it blah blah blah. So I go in and want to play around with my old maps and when I go to open the ones I made for Skulltag ages ago, it says "Cant open skulltag.pk3". I've rifled through the file myself and everything looks intact. And it seems like everyone else seems to be having no problem using DB to make ST Maps. So by the process of elimination, I've been brought to the conclusion that its me. But just in case it isnt just me, or I just missed the explanation, I figured I would post here.
  2. Zeg-Vok

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Thank you KDiZD team, people like you who keep making content for Doom are the ones who are keeping this game alive.
  3. Zeg-Vok

    The /newstuff Chronicles #293

    I think were all missing the point here . . . Phocas Island 2 is freaking Awesome!!! That wad wows me, it kindof reminds me of Barista for some reason (http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=12885), or actually, more like Barista 2 (http://blended.planethalflife.gamespy.com/barista2/) 2 out of 2 Thumbs up from me :D
  4. Zeg-Vok

    Doom alpha weapons

    Jesus Christ. zdoom.com click Documentation, then special lumps, then Decorate
  5. Zeg-Vok

    Doom alpha weapons

    By telling us this is your first weapons mod, and that you dont know how to make it, is *******ely something worth groaning in despair about (Not the sexual groan). But anyway, you'll have to be more specific, Assemble? Are you making it for ZDoom in DECORATE? DeHackEd? JDoom? Legacy? What do you have so far? Did you read the ZDoom wiki? Did you read any Wiki? Edit : ******* is "Smudged" ?
  6. Zeg-Vok


    The problem with that idea is that your also suggesting that the Doom64 Graphics need to be "Upgraded" for a lack of a better term. The Doom64 graphics are perfactly fine, I would have thought that if anyone would put any effort foward in the field of making more graphics HiRes, it would have been with the Original Doom's graphics. Either way, at least you put forth some kind of effort
  7. Zeg-Vok

    360 Degrees of Doom

    Way to Trample opinions
  8. Zeg-Vok

    Zombie images

    Due to the low number of colors, they seem almost like vector-based art. Not too bad, I was just bommed that there wasnt more :D
  9. Zeg-Vok

    What main menu selecter pointer is best

    I could say something horribly wrong about flashing balls . . .
  10. Zeg-Vok

    So what are we looking forward to this year?

    I look foward to Circus 667, or whatever the Circus 666 sequel is named :D
  11. *Whiney Voice* But I want it finished Now!
  12. Zeg-Vok

    All Hell is Breaking Loose (Remix)

    Nice, keep it up, All Hell is Breaking Loose is still one of the most interesting mods I've ever played for Doom
  13. Zeg-Vok

    My new Star Trek level

    Wasnt there an old level with textures that made it look like it was on the enterprise. When I looked at those screens, I saw spaceship, or high tech base of some kind, but not neccecarily Enterprise.
  14. Zeg-Vok

    Stronghold - The Journey Continues...

    Im disgusted by this, and by disgusted, I mean impressed and exited in a non sexual way. Im not sure if you said this somewere else, but will there be new monsters/weapons? Not a gaggle of them to turn it into half a weapons mod